French Company Offers Some QR Code Magic

Editors note:  This news item came across our screens and we thought it impressive as well as attractive.

Paris, March 9, 2015 - The French company Lynkware, editor of mobile solutions for professionals, is proud to introduce its QR Video world exclusive technology. Placed in a video without distorting the image, this discrete code allows you, from a simple scan on your smartphone, to create an immediate link between the digital content and you.

Imagine. In the street, in front of a shop window, in the subway or at the airport, watching on a digital-signage screen a video of a product that interests you. From a simple scan of your mobile camera, in seconds, you may like the product  on social networks,  get a coupon for a purchase or visit the brand’s mobile site.   Possible thanks to the QR code, the idea of scanning the video a few seconds to land on a mobile page was facing (until today) a major problem: the  code to scan  was poorly integrated with the brand’s graphics and it was static.

lynkware qr

 (Please note that in laying out this article, The Bar Code News (tm) reduced the resolution of the image by around 80% for faster load times.  We did test it after that on an iPhone and it scanned just fine for us, but if it doesn't scan easily for you, it's probably our fault.)  

Click on the picture to see the QR Video in action (or go to: )

Before: an inelegant solution that masks the video
Until today, embedding a classic QR code was facing two major challenges:
1.    Traditional QR codes (often with black and white pixels) are not nice to see and do not respect the advertiser’s graphics style
2.    Traditional QR codes hide part of the background image or video.

Today: a revolution with a transparent QR Video!
Lynkware’s QR Video offers a transparent display, in full color and merged in the video stream.
By being visible and discrete at the same time, it brings the best definition ever seen in the video to QR code technology.      

Above all, it is compatible with the majority of QR scanning mobile applications.

Multiple uses for a more “chic” and attractive QR code.
Fade in any video, it creates an immediate connection between the content and the viewer from a single scan.
Different actions on the mobile may be considered according to the video message:

●    scan to order: to order a product seen on video
●    scan to like: to like a brand, a product
●    scan to pay: to make a payment (eg: charitable donation)
●    scan to download: to download a mobile app, a file ...
●    scan to web: to open a web page

QR Video merges into the image with unmatched sharpness to propose to vote for a product, person, etc. The possibilities are limitless for players in the video market: advertisers, marcom agencies, audiovisual producers, media advertisements broadcasters in airports, etc.   Possible media: Digital Signages, Kiosks, Video Walls, TV …
The QR Video is available today for all video broadcaster wishing to integrate it in its media.

The integration of QR Video is available from 590 € per minute processed video. The operation is done once. This price is available for the first 200 customers, then the price will increase to € 990 per minute.

Find out some video examples on our website:

As a result of 2 years of research and development, the QR Video uses “QRchic” patented technology by Lynkware.

About Lynkware:
Founded in 2008 and located in Paris area, Lynkware is an innovative company specialized in mobile technologies. It publishes a Mobile Marketing Platform dedicated to professionals, including a mobile site builder, real-time video streaming, QR Chic available in print and video. It also publishes Lynkee, a QR code scanning application (2 million users)

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