Infinite Peripherals® Introduces Infinea® Omni Self-Service Kiosk

IPC Infinea OmniELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill.  – Infinite Peripherals, Inc.(IPC), a leading provider of enterprise mobility devices, has created the Infinea Omni, a new self-service kiosk that combines 1D/2D scanning capabilities with iOS to maximize consumer ease-of-use and convenience. By integrating with the iPad Air, the Infinea Omni barcode reader provides the ideal solution for modernizing outdated, bulky displays and computing technology in retail, transportation and various other enterprises.


“The Infinea Omni is incredibly versatile, with the ability to capitalize on the multiple capabilities of, and numerous applications for, the iPad Air,” said Mark Uppaluri, senior director of strategy at IPC. “It can be used as a price checker; for self-checkout; transportation check-in and boarding passes; and time and attendance terminals, among other applications.”

The compact Infinea Omni is a valuable iOS solution that is both intuitive to users and capable of modernizing traditional kiosks that run on Microsoft Windows® or Unix® Variant operating systems. It includes motion-detect scanning capabilities and offers a secure, lockable enclosure for protection. For ease of deployment, the units can leverage existing Ethernet cabling for power.


In retail, the device enables customers to quickly check prices from any location in the store, and streamlines the technology clutter from displays, keyboards and scanning devices in the checkout lanes. With specific shopping apps, retailers are able to use the Infinea Omni for self-checkout as well.


Transportation providers reduce staffing costs by leveraging the Infinea Omni for self-check-in, changing or confirming reservations and printing boarding passes. Enterprises replace labor time clocks and sign-in logs, and can print visitor badges with the modern unit.

IPC provides software development resources and tools so that customers can program scanner functions into their own applications. The Infinea Omni is compatible with all other IPC products, such as mobile printers and the Infinea® Bluepad chip and PIN reader. Optional accessories include a fixed or swivel mounting bracket and a reset pin. 

For more information, visit or contact IPC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 866-278-7860.

Infinite Peripherals Background

The first company to mobilize iOS for enterprise, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) is leading the mobility revolution with its enterprise mobility devices, including the Linea Pro® and Infinea Tab®, which multiple major retailers in the United States have adopted to enhance customer engagement, increase conversion rates and build business. IPC’s NFC-enabled products simplify adoption of new contactless payments, such as Apple Pay™, and its Infinea® BluePad facilitates EMV payments with a contact chip smart card reader and PIN entry. Anticipating trends and pre-empting solutions for a constantly evolving business landscape, IPC’s enterprise mobility products also optimize operations in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, warehouse and logistics, entertainment and security.For more information, please visit Connect with us at and


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