App Audits and Records Pricing Displayed In-Store

retail-price-auditing-appIndependent Auditors and Retail Staff Can Now Audit Pricing using Smartphones with or without Internet Connectivity

     The developers of codeREADr, an enterprise barcode scanning app and Web service, have announced a product that enables independent auditing firms and a retailer’s own staff to use smartphones and tablets for verifying and recording item pricing displayed in stores.
Pricing and other auditing data is stored online or, importantly, can also be temporarily stored on the device itself. This offline capability enables auditors to work quickly even when inside stores that have unstable Internet connections.

Audit data can be uploaded to codeREADr’s cloud servers or hosted on the client's server. The resulting database is subsequently auto-downloaded via SSL/TLS connections to an authorized app-user’s iOS or Android device upon signing-in to the codeREADr app. At that point the app-user is presented with the client’s preset workflow specific to the assigned task.

The app-user creates a new, formal record with each scan or look-up. They are then presented with item-specific pricing and add supplemental data to each record, optionally including photos of the item, its placement and the actual displayed pricing.

Each record includes the UPC/EAN code, a time-stamp, the app-user’s ID, the audit ID and any data collected relative to that item. Records can be viewed and filtered online, exported as a standard CSV file or fetched using APIs.

“When independent auditing firms offer their clients formal, electronically documented reports they differentiate their services in a significant way from those still using paper and pencil. And since their direct and independent contractors usually own smartphones or tablets, the service is quick, easy and inexpensive to deploy,” said Rich Eicher Sr., codeREADr’s Director of Business Development.

“Retailers also wanted a simple way to do their own, internal price audits without having to buy expensive hardware or train their staff on complex software. Using codeREADr's servers or their own server to host the database, they can verify displayed pricing using the familiar iOS or Android operating system and take corrective actions if there's a discrepancy. They can integrate with their enterprise software or run these audits on a stand-alone basis,” said Eicher.

For more information please visit codeREADr’s Knowledgebase here.


About codeREADr
The codeREADr app and Web service enable enterprises and third-party integrators to easily implement local and cloud-based auto-ID and data capture solutions (AIDC) using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.

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