Coupons and Vouchers Redeemed Without POS or Third-Party Database Integration


codereadr.jpgApp Simplifies the Redemption Process when New Coupons and Vouchers are Issued or when Value is Added to Tickets and IDs already in Consumers’ Possession

The developers of codeREADr, an enterprise-grade barcode scanning app and SaaS platform, offer an enhanced database-insert feature enabling merchants to use smartphones and tablets for tracking and validating coupons and vouchers without POS or third-party database integration. This technology makes the redemption process easier when marketers issue new coupons and vouchers or add value to tickets or credentials already in a consumer’s possession, such as expo badges and member, student or employee IDs.

 Marketers give participating merchants a unique app username which allows them to use the codeREADr app for reading barcodes on tickets and credentials specific to a campaign. The first time the barcode is read, the app will show the app user a green ‘Valid’ screen. The barcode ID is then automatically inserted into a campaign-specific ‘validation database’ hosted on codeREADr’s cloud-based servers. 

 The next time that same barcode ID is read by the merchant for that campaign, they will be instantly alerted with a red ‘Invalid Duplicate’ screen – now also indicating the time(s) and date(s) it was previously redeemed. 

 “It’s well known that gifts and discounts can drive consumers to brick & mortar locations. However, the cost for the targeted distribution of coupons and vouchers, and the potentially cumbersome methods for redeeming them, can create significant barriers for marketers. With our database-insert feature, marketers can quickly create campaigns without a complex integration process. They can even target location and context when adding value to the tickets and credentials already in a consumer’s pocket,” said Rich Eicher Sr., a director and founding member of the codeREADr team.

 Marketers can view redemptions in real-time; export CSV files for use with Excel; import into other programs using an API; or post each scan directly to their own servers. They can also create custom in-app content and collect supplemental data at the point of service. 

 The app can read the IDs embedded in barcodes as well as those embedded in RFID/NFC tags and magnetic stripes. Human-readable IDs can be entered via text or voice. In cases where fake tickets or credentials are a major concern, supplemental security procedures can be implemented, including pattern validation or traditional real-time database validation.

 The codeREADr app is free on the iOS and Android app stores. The integrated, user-facing Website is a self-service platform offering a Free Plan for evaluation purposes after entering a valid email address.   For more information, please visit



About codeREADr

The codeREADr app and SaaS platform enables enterprises, marketers and third-party integrators to easily implement local and cloud-based auto-ID and data capture solutions (AIDC) using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.


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Coupons and Vouchers Redeemed Without POS or Third-Party Database Integration

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