SafeTech Debuts the World's First Bluetooth+RFID Universal Locking System for Any Door

LEHI, UT--(Marketwired - August 26, 2015) - If you want to truly keep things private and safe in your home or office then you must protect every door! "The Quicklock" offers more features than any other locking system. It's a rock solid design that can be installed with two screws and a plug, doesn't require a monthly fee, or cost you an arm and a leg! We're offering super low pricing for the next 30 days on Kickstarter. Our campaign begins Wednesday, Aug. 26th.[1]. The Company hopes to gather customer feedback and support by offering an extremely low introductory price before normal retail distribution pricing is finalized. The Kickstarter pricing will be set at $89 for initial supporters after which pricing will increase.

The Doorlock is sleek, modern and simple to install. "Our lock provides personal security and privacy for any door yet offers more functionality than any locking system on the market," boasts Ryan Hyde, owner of SafeTech Products.

Cool New Hi-Tech Features!

Additional Features:

  • Universal fit: Just two screws and a plug to install on almost any door!
  • Simple Setup: The Lock works even when the Internet is down!!
  • 1+ year battery life: Approx.

Components for The Doorlock are sourced globally and manufactured in Utah. Materials are scheduled to arrive in September so fulfillment can begin immediately after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. Interest for The Quicklock-Doorlock has been strong after the success of the first Bluetooth + Radio Frequency (RFID) Padlock manufactured in the US and released earlier this year by SafeTech Products.

About SafeTech Products LLC: SafeTech Products (SP) focuses on technologically unique products that push the limits of engineering and design. SafeTech Products is the sales and marketing arm of RPH Engineering. Whether pushing the G-force limits on roller coasters, strengthening nuclear facility alarm systems, or normalizing hyper sensitive medical equipment, RPH's expertise in both mechanical & electrical engineering has been the catalysis for inventing, designing, and manufacturing products since 1990.

Visit[5] to learn more about current and future products.

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