Reel Code Barcode to Reframe How Businesses and Customers Connect

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2015) - Macate Group[1], specialists in the design and creation of essential SaaS tools and mobile applications, today announced the launch of Reel Code Media[2], a technology that enables businesses to deliver rich content to consumers via scannable Reel Code framed images. Macate is debuting Reel Code Media at this year's Dreamforce conference, the premier marketing world event attended by over 100,000 industry insiders, held September 15-18 in San Francisco.

Reel Code images work much like a traditional barcode or QR code, but with a more pleasing appearance and much more advanced capabilities -- Reel Code images look just like photos and can display any picture a business chooses. When scanned by the Reel Code Media mobile app (which is fully capable of reading barcodes and QR codes as well), a consumer can then interact with multimedia content hidden within the Reel Code image, including videos, audio, games, coupons, promotions, links, etc. In fact, each Reel Code image can contain at least four different types of content, empowering businesses to communicate complete product experiences and detailed offers within inviting images delivered through media such as magazines, flyers, business cards, product packaging, or in any small advertising space.

Business owners and marketers making the most of Reel Code images use the Reel Code Media Editor, a powerful and easy-to-use content management system. This online CMS platform makes it simple to create and edit Reel Code images, as well as to manage advertising campaigns and to leverage detailed analytics to track pre-defined metrics and iterate to optimize efforts. These built-in campaign-marketing tools, paired with coupons and promotions displayed in the app, allow businesses to engage targeted audiences with incentives to take action and activate offers. Reel Code images can also have their content updated as many times as needed, giving businesses added flexibility in how they are used over time. Macate offers design services as well, providing businesses using Reel Code images with templates, business cards, brochures, and graphic design support.

"Reel Code framed images represent the next evolutionary stage beyond QR codes, allowing businesses to display beautiful, relevant images packed with valuable information for consumers," said Isaac Daniel, CEO, Macate Group. "If a static picture is worth a thousand words, a Reel Code image has limitless possibilities, connecting consumers with all the informative content and enticing offers a business could dream of communicating in such a compact media format."

The Reel Code Media app is now available for iOS and Android. Businesses interested in utilizing Reel Code images can contact Macate Group at[3].

About Macate Group

Macate Group[4] provides a full range of professional software engineering, mobile application development, engineering evaluation, and consulting services for API integration, in addition to SDK development of its products. Macate's industry-experienced engineers develop cutting edge solutions to help clients manage their complex communication, customer engagement, data delivery and user experience needs.


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