DocuShield: New Technology Builds Security and Efficiency


By Charlotte A. F. Farley  

 The security risks of digitized documents cause businesses across all industries to spend top dollar ensuring the protection of sensitive information as well as their brand’s authenticity. The quest for a solution to this problem may soon end thanks to the introduction of CognitiveTPG’s “DocuShield” printing technology.

Secure thermal technology

An on-demand, printing technology, DocuShield enables users to build security into labels, packaging, and other documents without having to have special licensing, keys, or even special paper. The variable thermal print technology creates multiple layers of security features (overt, covert, and forensic) without sacrificing safety, protection, or brand integrity to provide a secure solution. In addition, DocuShield can coordinate with smart devices, apps, and cloud technology for tracking, auditing, and authenticating as well as existing security protocol.Ultimately, the system offers the most ease, flexibility, and security of any system currently on the market.

The difference

One of the greatest assets to DocuShield is that businesses don’t have to purchase specialized paper to encrypt security; simply stated, the technology contained within the printer itself is responsible for building security. Maintaining supplies and ensuring the safety of pre-printed security paper stocksbecomes a thing of the past. Because the printer is a thermal printer and uses heat to produce images, businesses ultimately save cash by eliminating the need to purchase bottle after bottle of toner. An expert in the field of thermal printing, CognitiveTPG has found a way to protect and secure the thermal printing process. In addition, the DocuShield printer has a much smaller footprint than the standard laser printer and can be conveniently be placed anywhere.

docushield3Real businesses, real results

One case study done from Wauseon, Ohio, reveals DocuShield’s potential for DocuShield to revolutionize security in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Employees of the Fulton County Health Center followed all of the legal procedures for making safe prescriptions but didn’t feel that the pre-printed, ‘secure’ prescription pads were enough. When the center started using DocuShield, they not only improved security measures, but they also improved efficiency throughout the hospital. The installation of multiple prescription printers improved operations and eliminated unnecessary costs spent on special prescription paper. DocuShield solved the regulatory compliance issue, improved operations, and eliminated costs spent on the specialized paper. “So far we are very pleased with the DocuShield solution. Our administrators are confident that we are in full compliance with CMS regulation, our staff and prescribing physicians no longer have to adhere to extra processes, and our Finance department is thrilled with the extra savings,” said Stacy Radabaugh.  

Another case study comes from a manufacturer of mining equipment that experienced multiple customer complaints due to machine failure caused by the use of counterfeit screens in its product. Unfortunately, counterfeit screens have made their way into the distribution channel and customers are able to purchase what they believe are manufacturer certified and made screens on the open market. To the untrained eye, it would seem that the customer has purchased an authentic screen rather than a knock off.   Guidelines require that the screens are replaced every third day but customers found they were replacing the screens after every shift due to failure. This resulted in significant down time, damage to brand authenticity, and revenue losses estimated at $3 million per year.

The system integrator on the project asked CognitiveTPG to demonstrate an on-demand security print solution to produce a unique packaging label that is difficult to replicate and easy to authenticate without requiring a special reading device or lab analysis. DocuShield pulled through. Because of DocuShield, the manufacturer could assure customers received authentic supplies, kept critical equipment running without costly interruptions or malfunctions, maintained the mining equipment manufacturer’s revenue stream, and guaranteed visible indication of counterfeit labels throughout the supply chain. Talk about a way a return on investment and maintain brand integrity.

What the case studies suggestdocushield2

Keeping up with what is real and what is not, babysitting prescribed security paper—all of this just creates more headache for any company that has to be concerned with security measures, and there isn’t any way around it: sensitive information has to be safe. However, when ensuring that level of security becomes an entire career unto itself, businesses need to find a better solution. Case studies suggest that with DocuShield there is one.


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