Digimarc to Present at Investor Conference on December 10

 BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwired - Dec 1, 2015) - Digimarc Corporation[1] (NASDAQ: DMRC[2]) has been invited to present at the annual Imperial Capital Security Investor Conference[3] being held on December 9-10, 2015 at The Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Digimarc Chairman and CEO Bruce Davis is scheduled to present on Thursday, December 10 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, and will hold one-on-one meetings throughout the day. The presentation will be webcast live and available for replay here[4].

For additional information or to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Digimarc management, please contact your Imperial Capital representative.

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC[5]), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is the inventor of the Digimarc Barcode. The Digimarc Barcode enables industrial scanners, smartphones, tablets, and other computer interfaces to reliably, efficiently and economically identify traditional barcoded items, along with many other media objects. Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible to humans and do all that visible barcodes do, but even better, and can be applied to virtually all forms of media. These remarkable capabilities have allowed Digimarc and its business partners to supply a wide range of patented consumer engagement, media management, and security solutions across multiple consumer and government industry sectors. Digimarc owns an extensive intellectual property portfolio with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media object discovery, and intuitive computing more generally. Digimarc develops and delivers solutions, licenses its intellectual property, and provides development services to business partners across a range of industries. For more information and the latest news, please visit www.digimarc.com[6] and follow us on Twitter @DigimarcCorp[7].


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