Barcoding Inc.’s Chase Sowden Wins Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know Award

BALTIMORE – Feb. 17, 2016 – Barcoding, Inc., a leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, congratulates Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, for winning a 2016 Provider Pro to Know Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE). Sowden was honored for successfully leveraging lean methodologies to help companies implement continuous improvement programs that optimize their supply chains.
The annual Pros to Know Awards recognize supply chain executives who are leading initiatives to help prepare their clients’ supply chains for the significant challenges of today’s business climate. This year’s Provider Pros to Know list includes individuals from software firms, service providers, consultancies, and academia. SDCE selected winners from more than 350 entries.
“All too often, organizations are quick to apply new technologies in an attempt to find a fast-fix for their supply chain challenges,” said Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, Barcoding, Inc. “Instead, they must take a step back and first analyze their entire operations. This will allow them to identify areas for continuous improvement so that they can proactively solve supply chain issues and deliver more value to their customers.”
Sowden, a Six Sigma Black Belt, creates and delivers holistic, end-to-end solutions to make clients’ supply chains more efficient, accurate, and connected. By drawing from more than 20 years of experience, Sowden helps companies in a wide range of industries identify and then eliminate waste in order to increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and improve the overall customer experience. At Barcoding, Sowden spearheads Supply Chain Architecture by Barcoding™, a dedicated practice for the identification, formulation, and management of perfect order fulfillment processes.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive congratulates the 2016 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know recipients. The Pros to Know is a listing of exceptional corporate executives at manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises who are leading initiatives to help prepare their companies' supply chains for the significant challenges in the year ahead,” said Ronnie Garrett, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “We commend recipients for their achievements. Their accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage the supply chain for competitive advantage. Their efforts in developing the tools, processes and a knowledge base for supply chain transformation, as well as in promoting new approaches to supply chain enablement, earned these individuals a rightful place in this year's Pros to Know listing.”
Sowden is the third Barcoding executive to win a Pro to Know Award, with Tom O’Boyle, director of RFID, and Martin Jack, CTO, winning in 2015 and 2014, respectively. A full list of the Pros to Know winners is available at , and in the March 2016 issue of the magazine due to be released in mid-March.
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