App Targets Specific Data Embedded in Multi-Function Barcodes and NFC Tags

codereadr mf The developers of the codeREADr platform, a web service with enterprise-grade barcode scanning apps for iOS and Android OS compatible devices, have added the release of their multi-function barcode and NFC reading technology designed to capture, parse and validate specifically targeted data embedded within a single barcode or tag. 
The technology builds upon the codeREADr platform’s dual function QR code technology which allows a single QR code to be used for both consumer engagement and enterprise asset tracking. The platform’s multi-function technology now enables workflow-specific asset tracking and validation of a much larger number of IDs and URLs embedded in a single QR code or NFC tag and also enables the use of DataMatrix, PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D barcode symbologies.  

Using the codeREADr web service, enterprises assign specific tasks to authorized app-users who are issued credentials for signing into the app. For each task the enterprise defines which IDs need to be parsed from the string of IDs embedded in the barcode or tag. The parsed IDs are checked against a table of valid IDs hosted on codeREADr’s servers, a client’s servers or downloaded to the app for offline validation. 

If the target ID or combination of target IDs exist in the table, the app user will see a valid response and information specifically related it; if it’s not in the table, the response will be invalid. In either case, the app-user can be prompted to collect additional information with each scan which, along with a timestamp and optional GPS location, all becoming part of a formal scan record.

“With this technology enterprises can save money and space by combining multiple barcode IDs into a single label. It also improves data collection accuracy because the app parses the correct information based on the specific task, not on which barcode is scanned. And, since the app is password-protected, only authorized app-users can scan for a given task,” said Rich Eicher Sr., codeREADr’s Director of Business Development.

Typical applications include asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting, product recalls, asset maintenance, inventory audits and event or facility access control.

About codeREADr
The codeREADr app and web service enable enterprises and third-party integrators to easily implement local and cloud-based auto-ID and data capture solutions (AIDC) using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. Learn more at codeREADr -


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