CGS Enhances BlueCherry Shop Floor Control for Mobile Access

New tools to be launched at Texprocess Americas Conference

New York, NY – April 25, 2016 – CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced enhancements to its BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control(formerly Leadtec®) solutions with a new wireless operator app and an actionable intelligence (AI) performance reporting tool. Partnering with global clients such as Canada Goose, General Sportwear and Joseph Abboud, BlueCherry Shop Floor Control’s complementary tools were developed to address the growing need for mobile access in the sewn products manufacturing marketplace. CGS will be exhibiting the app-based tools at Texprocess Americas in Atlanta, May 3-5.

The latest AI tool complements the BlueCherry Shop Floor Control solution by bringing powerful and flexible analytics to shop floor production control. This tool provides fully portable real-time factory management, freeing managers and supervisors from fixed workstations to provide more proactive shop floor visibility. The aggregated smart data generated by these reports provides manufacturers with the ability to make strategic business decisions across their enterprises. This in turn enables them to shift from a “reactive” to a “proactive” environment, leading to operational cost reduction, increased profitability, and the ability to manage supply chain risk with more flexibility.

“The new CGS mobile application for the BlueCherry Shop Floor System, allows supervisors to access information while on the production floor," said David Chapman, Toronto Plant Manager at Canada Goose Inc. “It can perform many functions such as check attendance, approve off-standard transfers and overtime and access section performance – all while supervisors are away from their desks. Since it is also web-based, managers can access the system remotely and perform supervisory functions, when necessary. This is a great development and we look forward to working with it and other improvements to come.”

Fully secure, the AI tool employs user/password authentication in addition to the encryption built into the wireless network. The AI dashboard provides the most common factory management metrics at a glance, including:

  • Production: View on-time deliveries even in complex production processes where predicting, monitoring and controlling costs have become more difficult. 
  • Operator attendance and productivity: Monitor operator absence, deployment and productivity in real time.
  • Off-standard time: Eliminate or reduce the length of off-standard time results to increase productivity.
  • Action: Manage approval of off-standard and overtime anywhere on the factory floor.

CGS is also optimizing the wireless operator terminal app for seamless use anywhere on the factory floor, removing the need for traditional infrastructure requirements. The app, which is initially being released for Android devices, is specifically designed for operators and production workers. With encryption built into the wireless network for data transfer, the information can be transferred securely via the wireless app and immediately be integrated with BlueCherry Enterprise Resource Planning, as well as third-party engineering, payroll and other software systems to share, report and analyze production performance.

“Both the AI tool and terminal app will extend our existing BlueCherry Shop Floor Control capabilities for a more flexible user experience,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing, CGS. “We are committed to continued investment in this market and our BlueCherry applications, including Shop Floor Control. CGS is excited to harness our expertise and bring our customers the tools they need to optimize production in an increasingly mobile environment.”

CGS will be demonstrating these complementary tools at Texprocess Americas, taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, May 3-5. Texprocess Americas, formerly SPESA EXPO, is the largest North American trade show displaying equipment and technology for the Development, Sourcing and Production of Sewn Products. Texprocess Americas attendees should visit CGS at booth # 617, Hall B1.


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