ISN Releases Updated Mobile App with Barcode Scanner for IDs

DALLAS, May 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ISN is pleased to announce the release of a new mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that will provide customers access to the most widely used features of its online contractor management platform, ISNetworld. Available at no extra charge to active ISNetworld subscribers worldwide, the app will offer the same strict level of security as the web-based version of ISNetworld.

There are many benefits to using this new app, such as enabling Hiring Clients to search for contractors, view company scorecards and upload evaluation reports on the go, while contractors can view their scorecards and Hiring Client requirements with greater ease. It also allows users to view bulletins and messages in addition to Operator Qualification (OQ) and Training Qualification (TQ) reports.

The ISNetworld Mobile App is available for iOS and Android.

Enhanced functionality provides Hiring Clients with access to QuickCheck, allowing them to view the qualifications of personnel entering their facilities or heliports. Hiring Clients will be able to scan ISN employee ID cards to ensure that individuals have the required qualifications and certifications prior to being allowed on-site. Further, contractors' employees will be able to access their own ISN employee ID and barcode for scanning prior to entering their clients' job sites.

Brandi Surine, Associate Vice President/Enterprise Architect at ISN, says, "The new app is part of our commitment to providing our customers with technology options that will make their businesses run more smoothly and seamlessly." Joseph Eastin, President & CEO of ISN, continues, "When it comes to workplace safety and communication, we believe that listening to our customers is critical. The updated app was developed in response to customer requests for mobile access to ISNetworld in the field and we will continue to enhance its capabilities based on customer feedback."

Active ISNetworld subscribers can download the mobile app for their mobile devices via the following links: iOS or Android.

To learn more about ISN, visit About ISN.


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