TrackVia Raises The Bar In Mobile Workflow Management For The Enterprise

New TrackVia Application Scripts and Instant Barcode Generator Help Managers and Developers Rapidly Deliver Custom Workflow Apps that Streamline Operations and Field Services

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - TrackVia, a modern workflow management solution that gives businesses more control and visibility over their operations, today announced the release of two new features that help managers, IT professionals or internal developers streamline critical workflows such as, field service operations, inspections and audits, inventory and asset management, project tracking, quality control and even custom processes.

The latest new features include:

TrackVia Application Scripts: This new feature allows developers and IT professionals to quickly inject application logic directly into TrackVia to customize workflows, automation and more. The new feature complements the existing drag-and-drop user interface and the TrackVia API.
Mobile Barcode Generator: TrackVia’s native mobile apps (iOS and Android) now allow users to create and use barcodes on the fly. The new feature not only helps users streamline data entry, but also it also allows them to capture more information faster and reduce data collection errors.

Unlike other low-code platforms, TrackVia combines an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with a modern user interface that allows managers, IT professionals or internal developers to rapidly configure and deploy powerful web and mobile applications with drag-and-drop speed. The integrated native mobile app also means that users don’t have to develop and maintain two separate systems.

“Heavy corporate systems are slow and lack agility, which forces many companies to resort to manual paperwork or spreadsheets to track their critical workflows or processes,” said Pete Khanna, CEO at TrackVia. “TrackVia is all about delivering a solution that combines the speed and agility of a spreadsheet with the power and automation of an enterprise-grade system.”

TrackVia requires no hardware and can be deployed globally in days. Per-application pricing starts as little as $2,000 a month for an enterprise-grade web and mobile application with up to 25 users. Platform pricing is also available for companies that want to digitize their entire operations.

TrackVia is a next generation mobile workflow management software designed to help companies digitize their operations and streamline critical operational processes for supply chain management, quality control, inventory and asset management, field services and compliance tracking. We help unite business people and workers with all their data, processes and collaborations in one environment with highly configurable apps that can be accessed on any mobile device. More than 1,000 businesses in 14 countries rely on TrackVia, including Honeywell, Navistar, DIRECTV, Dow, Brinks and others. Learn more at


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