Code Corporation will Contest Honeywell Lawsuit and Continue to Serve its Customers

code_readerSALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 25, 2017  --  Code Corporation announced today that it will vigorously challenge a lawsuit filed on January 20 by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) in U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina. The suit accuses Code of infringing six of Honeywell's patents – a claim that Code asserts is completely unfounded.
"We will contest this frivolous lawsuit until completely exonerated by the legal system. Code will continue to serve its loyal end users and expand our CodeAlliance™ partner network by earning our customer's business and loyalty through our cutting edge technology and excellent service," said Code Corporation CEO George Powell. "Code has been in the barcode scanning business for almost 20 years and has organically built a suite of products and intellectual property that are widely used in the healthcare market. We will not let Honeywell's litigious behavior affect our customer relationships in any way." 

Honeywell is a relatively recent entrant in the barcode scanning market and has done so primarily through acquisitions. The six patents at issue in Honeywell's lawsuit were written and originally filed 18-20 years ago by Welch Allyn, Norand, HHP, and Intermec prior to being acquired by Honeywell. U.S. Patents generally have a 20-year life. Two of the patents have already expired, two more will expire by mid-year, and the remaining two are based on a Welch Allyn technology not relevant to Code's products. 

Garrett Russell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Code, explained that in his view, Honeywell's action against Code may be driven by Code's strong position in the healthcare market. "Code continues to deliver product ingenuity and excellence, and Honeywell may be resorting to other means to try to gain market share from Code," Russell said.

Addressing customers directly, Powell said the company's long history of listening to customers and delivering novel solutions to streamline clinical workflows and improve patient safety will continue to enable Code to exceed its customers' expectations. "Our commitment to providing customers innovative, efficient and technologically advanced solutions has been a cornerstone of Code since 1997," Powell said.  

About Code
Code Corporation ([1]) is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete product line of image-based barcode reading hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers' expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their systems and workflows in a wide range of diverse industries and environments. Code's products are used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and a range of other diverse industries. Code's worldwide headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, USA. Code has regional headquarters in China, Singapore and the Netherlands.  

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