Q Technologies Receives Notice of Allowance for "Location Based Sharing" Patent

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (PRWEB) MARCH 20, 2017 - Q Technologies Inc., a cloud computing software firm, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance to the Company related to claims for its cloud communication software, Cloudpin (14,604,297). The software's use cases include: point of sale unique ID communication in order to make purchases, customer to clerk communication of a mobile-generated unique ID to apply discounts, and the location based exchange of a coupon or deal via unique ID over NFC, Bluetooth or RFID.

"This Notice of Allowance should result in the issuance of a patent. The technology transfers the benefit of key-value lookups on the backend to customers on the front-end. When communicated from a customer to business, the unique identifier, in the context of device to device communication, allows companies creating web/mobile technologies to truly produce beneficial, use-case driven, and interoperable transactions systems," stated Q Technologies Managing Director, Marcus Thomas.

Mr. Thomas further noted, "The technology allows for customers and merchants to share information without the need of exchanging contact information. In particular, rather than using traditional communication methods such as email, telephone and mail, the customer is able to communicate to and from the business using a generated unique ID or "pin code". These unique identifiers allow the business and the customer to communicate in a fast, secure and efficient manner."

About Q Technologies Inc.

Since 2013, Q Technologies has embarked on the mission of creating cloud technologies which empower people to communicate and cooperate on a large-scale with others around the world. Located in Atlanta, Ga, the technology firm specializes in technology solutions, corporate licensing, and venture partnering. For more information, visit http://www.qtechnologies.co


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