Wilbert Funeral Services Utilizes NOVAtime’s Flexible Data Collection/Time Tracking Options

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. is proud to announce that it has successfully established NOVAtime’s premier Workforce Management / Time & Attendance solution for Wilbert Funeral Services, providing multiple data collection/time tracking methods for different types of locations and employees.

An employee-owned company, Wilbert Funeral Services is the industry leader in burial vaults and related products, with a history dating back to 1880. Wilbert Funeral Services Provides quality products and services to over 90 locations in 21 states. With that many locations, it is no surprise that there is some variance in how remotely these locations are located, and how many employees work at each location.

Wilbert Funeral Services needed a solution that could provide multiple time entry methods that worked with each unique location type. NOVAtime was able to meet these needs with a combination of the NT7000 Biometric Smart Clock, The NT55M, and NOVAtime’s IVR phone-in option. Tausha Hammett training and recruiting supervisor, explains how Wilbert Funeral Services used these methods, “Some of our locations are very rural and small. We allow them to use NOVAtime phone-in to track their time. We designated the NT55M for our locations that have between 5 to 10 employees, where they can scan in using a barcode. We use the NT7000 Smart Clock for our locations with 10 or more employees.”

NT55M is an Android smartphone with a built-in barcode scanner, which is an ideal data collection device for employees in the field or on the go.

Ms. Hammett explained that they particularly liked the features offered by the NT7000 Smart Clock. “I really like the biometric feature (fingerprint), which helps us control buddy punching, and helps us track new employees.” The NT7000 Smart Clock also allows employees to check their own schedules, time cards, and PTO balances, relieving pressure from Wilbert Funeral Services’ HR staff.

NOVAtime also helped Wilbert Funeral Services streamline their timesheet approval process through the use of workflows, allowing multiple levels of managers to view the timesheets and approve them before passing them on to the next level. Ms. Hammet explains the process, “We have a two round approval process, our Plant Admins are the first round of approval. They then move it to the Plant Managers, who approve the time for the Plant Admins, as well as review everyone else's time.”

With plenty of flexible methods for time tracking, to fit each location’s unique needs, features to help manage employee issues and needs, and a workflow process capable of accommodating nearly any business structure, NOVAtime has proven itself to be a valuable asset for Wilbert Funeral Services’ mission to provide top quality products, service, and care for all of its customers. Summarizing their feelings about NOVAtime, Ms. Hammett stated “NOVAtime is a very robust system that we are very eager to learn and continue using to show an ROI for our company.”

Wilbert Funeral Services pairs NOVAtime with Ascentis for their Payroll needs.

About NOVAtime
With over 18,000 customers, NOVAtime is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California, and has become the leader in integrating Workforce Management solution with Human Resource and Payroll systems. Known for its scalable and leading-edge software and hardware technology, NOVAtime has been selected as the preferred Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution provider by many of the best-managed companies in the world.

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