ABTS Convention Services Launches Wearable Bluetooth Beacon Powered By Renewable Energy

ABTS Convention Services (ABTS), a global meetings and convention services company with 22 years of experience, in conjunction with WisePower srl, is proud to announce the launch of our latest wearable beacon. BLUbadge Beacon is a Bluetooth LE (BLE) beacon powered only by clean renewable energy ... No batteries! (Patent pending).

The ePower™ BLUbadge Beacon was presented at the 8th annual NiPS SUMMER SCHOOL, Gubbio Science meeting 2017, in Gubbio, Italy. The beacon was used at the meeting, providing engineers with valuable data.

A significant problem with conventional passive RFID is that it requires a strong RF signal from a nearby reader device to power the tag’s chip and the subsequent transmission back to the reader. This limits the range and reliability of the tag.

The BLUbadge BLE Beacon is a reliable, cost effective Attendee Tracking and Lead Retrieval solution for events and meetings. The Beacon uses 2 distinct power sources: a Vibrational Energy module to harvest energy from typical human movement and Solar cells to harvest energy from indoor lighting (very low light). The collected energy is stored in a plurality of capacitors that power the proprietary Bluetooth LE (BLE) Beacon.

The multi-year project is a joint venture between ABTS Convention Services; NiPS Laboratory, University of Perugia, Italy; and WisePower srl - a company spun off from the University of Perugia dedicated to the design and prototyping of a new class of energy generators for mobile devices. All inquiries should be directed to Adam Graham, Executive Vice President of Information Technology at ABTS Convention Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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