U.S. Security Associates Announces Beacon Technology to its P3 Technology Platform

U.S. Security Associates (USA), the market leading wholly-owned American Security Solutions provider, is pleased to announce the addition of beacon technology to their next-generation P3 Technology Platform (SM). With this new capability, P3 more quickly and accurately captures precise real-time location information on officer activity and incident reports to give clients the most complete intelligence insights and awareness—even indoors where GPS reception is often poor.

Richard L. Wyckoff, President and CEO of U.S. Security Associates, commented, “Beacon technology is a major functional enhancement to our P3 Technology Platform (SM). It provides more accurate real-time location positioning to help Security Officers Prepare. Predict. Prevent. (SM) potential threats. Simply stated, more data is helping to drive better intelligence which enables our Officers to make more timely and informed decisions to create better outcomes for our clients.”

“We’re using beacons to support customized location-aware workflow,” said U.S. Security Associates Chief Information Officer Mark Mullison. “They also improve compliance and data accuracy, because unlike a bar code which requires the Officer to scan to know that he or she was there, beacons guarantee data capture of Officers entering and leaving an area. This data makes our proprietary DataForce (SM) attribute model even smarter and more robust.”

Beacons are just one of the many tools that USA uses to provide better outcomes to clients. While beacons have the benefit of Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology that affords them an active life of two years, they can be combined with other tools supported by P3 such as bar codes, RFID technology and GPS to make security personnel more efficient and effective.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) is the market-leading, wholly-owned, American, full-service safety and security solutions provider. With over 160 locally-responsive offices, international locations and over 50,000 dedicated professionals, they offer the most complete array of physical security, remote surveillance, and global consulting and investigations to ensure better outcomes for thousands of clients and a range of industries. Innovative applications of leading-edge, proprietary technology enable USA to rank annually among the world's best training companies, sustain the highest standards of quality, and underscore world-class customer service with unparalleled accountability. USA's rise as one of the largest innovative security solutions leaders is a natural byproduct of these differentiators and enables the company to provide the most Safe. Secure. Friendly.® environments for people, assets, and brands. For more information, visit http://www.ussecurityassociates.com.

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