World's First ‘Ingestible Nano Bar Codes’ by nGageIT Digital Health Solutions

nGageIT Digital Health Solutions is creating groundbreaking new nano-enabled technology and sensor platforms that promise to transform digital heath care by verifying that medications are ingested or injected correctly, and on schedule, using a smart phone.

“Low medication adherence is arguably the most significant problem in our health care ecosystem, costing over $300 billion dollars in the U.S. alone and leading to over 125,000 premature deaths each year,” said nGageIT Co-Founder Dr. Jennifer Murdoch, an expert in health systems. “The faster we get this out on the market, the more people we can help.”

nGageIT’s sensor technologies monitor when patients take either oral medications or give themselves medical injections at home. This data is automatically uploaded to the cloud through the patient’s smart phone and can be tracked in real-time by health care providers and in clinical trials. This leads to better compliance with medical advice and medical device use, and better health outcomes for the patient.

Patients taking high value medications for serious conditions such as breast cancer or rare orphan diseases can now rely on nGageIT’s predictive dosing system to verify the ingestion of medication and seamlessly automate complex dosing schedules. Physicians are empowered by the medication usage data to precisely customize therapy to a patient’s lifestyle, behavior or genes.

nGageIT’s NanoSmart oral encoding platform turns any approved oral dosage into a digital object. nGageIT’s NanoSmart Biosensor can detect a single, digitally encoded nanoparticle from the more than 2,500 substances in the human breath. The biosensor detects digitally encoded nanoparticles using food grade safe NanoSmart particles, reading them like an “ingestible bar code” from a detection device called the Noz. nGageIT’s platform does not require cumbersome sensor patches to be worn – the patient would simply breathe.

The NanoSmart encoding particles can be safely integrated into current oral dosage coatings used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, minimizing any supply chain disruptions. A compatible app then provides information on dosage and sends automated reminders to the patient. The patient can connect to their healthcare provider through video or live chat as needed.

nGageIT has also developed smart injection devices called iSenz and InsuloSenz that safely and non-invasively detect that proper doses of medication have been injected. nGageIT is the only company in the world that has developed devices that can scan and detect that medication has been injected below the skin, confirm the proper angle of the injection and verify its quality.

“With approximately 1.4 million new cases of diabetes diagnosed in the U.S. each year, smart tools like the iSenz and the InsuloSenz are helping patients inject with confidence,” said Dr. Murdoch of nGageIT Health Solutions.

The InsuloSenz Smart Injector is for more than just insulin delivery – it is a powerful tool designed to enhance diabetic care. InsuloSenz is customized to diabetics and guides the diabetic patient to inject insulin through flashing blue for the correct angle of injection, or red for an incorrect angle. By proactively correcting the injection angle, sub-optimal dosing can be prevented in diabetic patients, making diabetics free to “inject, detect and go.” The InsuloSenz sensor is also being developed to help diabetics determine the best place on the body to inject to prevent complications and poor absorption.

“Can you imagine having to take a shot four times a day and remember to do it on time and do it correctly?” said Raj Reddy, innovation lead at nGageIT Health Solutions. “I certainly can’t. Current insulin pens on the market are not all that smart -- it’s like having cruise control but you still have to work the peddles on your car and monitor your speed,” he said. “Those devices don’t scan below the skin, they can’t detect the angle of the device or record the correct dosage. With our InsuloSenz sensor, it’s more like having “super” cruise control on so that you can read the newspaper while driving. This technology will really free up people’s time from complicated at home medication applications and reporting.”

Life science companies can gather the real life experience of patients from nGageIT’s custom patent-pending sensors to measure medication treatment effectiveness and optimize clinical outcomes. This also presents an opportunity for companies to engage in value-based contracts. With over 15 trillion doses of medications in the global supply chain and a substantially related number of disconnected patients -- nGageIT aims to connect them all.

“nGageIT aims to improve wellness in the healthcare ecosystem and solve the $564 billion global problem of lost pharmaceutical revenue due to non-adherence and disengaged patients,” said nGageIT’s Raj Reddy. “We are focused on the $34 billion niche in the specialty high-value pharmaceutical market as well as the diabetic market.”

nGageIT Digital Health Solutions is currently evaluating strategic partnerships with major pharmaceutical manufacturers to commercialize its technology.

About nGageIT Digital Health Solutions:

nGageIT Digital Health Solutions ( makes medicine smarter using NanoSmart ingestible encoding technology and injection sensors to turn any drug into a digital object. Physicians use the real life experience of patients gathered from nGageIT’s sensors to optimize clinical outcomes.


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