Checkpoint System Lets Retailers to Use RFID-based Inventory Data For Product Recommendations

Sees New Interactive Future for RFID Via InterACT

THOROFARE, N.J.--()--Brick and mortar stores provide customers with a chance to interact with merchandise and experiment with different items. To make the in-store experience even more engaging, Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and RFID solutions for the retail industry, has released InterACT – a unique range of solutions that leverage the power of RFID to increase sales.

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The increasing demands of today's "always-connected" shoppers are redefining the in-store buying experience. Ensuring merchandise is always available through improved inventory accuracy is one part of the puzzle, but that alone is not enough anymore. Customers expect to be able to explore products and see how they might look or work before making a purchase.

InterACT goes beyond inventory accuracy
InterACT is a range of interactive solutions that utilize data collected from RFID-tagged merchandise. Historically used to simply improve inventory accuracy, the new solutions enable retailers to use RFID-based inventory data to provide customers with recommendations and additional information about a product.

Using consumer-friendly touch screens, the new solutions sense when an RFID tag approaches and provide shoppers with information about the product, as well as which other sizes and colors are available in the store. In fact, according to a study by McKinsey and Company, Amazon estimates that 35 percent of its sales are generated by the site’s recommendation engine. InterACT allows shoppers in a store environment to find additional items that complement the potential purchase, thus increasing sales potential.

The solution is used by apparel stores as an extension to how retailers use mannequins today. The mirror option allows browsers to not only see what an item of clothing will look like on but also displays different combinations of merchandise, and guides shoppers to product locations.

InterACT is available in a range of specifications that can be used on the salesfloor, in fitting rooms or on smaller devices mounted on display tables. What’s more, a store associate version has been developed to provide staff with a mobile solution to better serve customers by delivering more information about products and accessories.

According to Alan Tamny, Global Product Management, Checkpoint Systems, “It’s clear that stores need to evolve in order to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The in-store experience is very closely aligned to the store’s overall success and according to one piece of research, four in five shoppers said they’ll never come back if they receive a poor experience. InterACT is a unique way to use RFID data, helping engage the customer, improve satisfaction and boost sales.”

InterACT is available immediately.

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