Code Launches the CR4300N-A Case Above the Rest

SALT LAKE CITY, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Code, a healthcare industry innovator and leader in image-based barcode reading technology, is excited to announce the release of their CR4300N; a leading hospital-grade battery backup case for the iPhone 6/6s and iPod 6th generation. The CR4300N combines disinfectant-ready plastics, ruggedness, and extended power capabilities into a compact design that is perfectly suited for the mobile clinician.

code 4300n

Built with industry-leading, PVC-free, CodeShield™ Disinfectant-Ready plastics, the CR4300N was designed to outperform and outlast other cases in various industries by standing up to the harshest of chemical agents. Repeated cleanings quickly break down the plastic housing of consumer grade or even purported "ultra-rugged" cases, frustrating users and driving up device costs due to constant purchases.  The CR4300N is the long-lasting solution to protect your mobile iOS investment in these environments. Designed and built to keep users productive and minimize support or replacement costs for these mobile devices.

The 3000 mAh battery backup keeps your workforce running continuously, and a built-in battery gauge informs users of battery status, simplifying workflows and keeping users in control.  A four-bay, drop-in charger makes it easy for users to fill up their battery, or grab another full device when needed. Since barcode scanning has become an essential part of the healthcare workflow, zero-miss CortexDecoder® decoding software can be easily combined with the iPhone or iPod camera to create a powerful barcode reader.

  • Keeps mobile devices running with 3000 mAh battery backup
  • Informs users of battery status with built-in gauge
  • Protects iPhone 6/6s and iPod 6th generation with durable, disinfectant-ready case
  • Charges quickly via USB or with drop-in multi-bay charger
  • iPhone/iPod accessibility 

    Applications: Bedside medication administration, mobile phlebotomy, hospitality and cleaning services, point-of-sale, event management, home health, positive patient identification, patient-to-device association, inventory, line busting, field services


    "The CR4300N is the ideal product for situations where the user wants an iOS device but needs extended battery backup with unparalleled durability, especially in healthcare applications," said Garrett Russell, VP Sales and Marketing–Code Corporation. "We are really excited about this release and have seen direct application for clinicians–finally a clear durable solution is at hand."

    About Code

    Code is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of image-based barcode reading hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers' expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their operations. Servicing a diverse range of industries and environments, Code's products are used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and a range of other diverse industries.


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