Toshiba Begins Shipping Print and Apply Labeling System

Toshiba and Panther Industries Product Tackles Supply Chain and Logistics Labeling Applications

toshiba panther barcode printing   

LAKE FOREST, Calif. (August 1, 2018) —  Toshiba America Business Solutions today announces the availability of its print and apply labeling system developed in collaboration with Panther Industries The affordable print and apply system combines Toshiba’s thermal barcode printers with Panther Industries’ Shadow automated labeling product to power today’s supply chain and logistics applications.   
The new Toshiba solution enhances operational efficiency by printing and applying labels on-demand with high accuracy.  Toshiba’s latest print and apply system easily integrates with scale heads, barcode scanners, warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning systems while streamlining virtually any labeling application.  
Warehouse and distribution center professionals additionally have the option to install the print and apply system on a tabletop or a stand adjacent to a conveyor for top and side labeling
Featuring Toshiba’s proprietary Ribbon Save technology, the system optimizes ribbon consumption and reduces waste.  A large-capacity ribbon (up to 800 meters) reduces the need for frequent media replacement.  The dual motor improves media handling while assuring the creation of scannable labels.  Toshiba’s printheads are supported by an industry-best three-million linear-inch warranty. 
“Our collaboration with Panther Industries equips the materials handling industry with a high-performance and affordable print and apply system,” said Bill Melo, Toshiba America Business Solutions chief marketing executive.  “As a result, we are now enabling supply chain and logistics professionals to tackle label applications more efficiently, accurately and affordably.”
“Integrating the unique features of the Toshiba B-EX Industrial printers within our Shadow product creates a perfect solution for order fulfillment and shipping applications,” said Christian Dow, president at Panther Industries.  “Material handling professionals can expect to see increased throughput while reducing expenses and waste.”

Toshiba and Panther Industries print and apply labeling system has a starting price of $8,841 and may be purchased via authorized Toshiba and Panther Industries resellers.  For more information about Toshiba products, or to locate an authorized Toshiba reseller in your area, visit



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