Datalogic and Brother Mobile Solutions Expand Their Solutions for the Retail Market

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Datalogic is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance in North America with Brother Mobile Solutions, a premier provider of mobile printing solutions for workforces on the go, to enhance its mobile print proposition, with a focus on the retail market. This alliance between Datalogic's advanced scanning systems and Brother Mobile Solutions' printer solutions increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of labeling and packaging products of retail customers.

Over the last two years, the partnership between Datalogic and Brother Mobile Solutions in the retail sector, specifically within the grocery and convenience store segments, has proven that printing and scanning are most effective when used together. The duo is now shipping standalone scanning and printing solutions that utilize a Datalogic scanner connected directly to a Brother mobile printer, to quickly create a product label for any desired item. For instance, the Datalogic QD2430 handheld scanner can be plugged in directly to the Brother TD-2120N printer to create a two-in-one instrument that in a few simple steps can label containers and bags with the correct weight for retailers who sell any product by its weight; be it salads, ice cream or candy.

Apart from being easy to use, the combined scanner-printer solution is capable of storing any inventory database file inside the printer, which differentiates this offering from others in the market. All that the retailer has to do is plug the scanner into the printer's unique USB port; no integration with computer systems or IT involvement is required. Process is simplified and connectivity is always easy to manage.

This could be seen in the implementation of our solution in stores featuring a prominent fried chicken company that provides a turnkey food business to C-Stores. Prior, the stores had difficulty tracking food inventory, resulting in shrinkage, inaccurately charging customers for what was in the bag, and customers waiting for the cashier to fumble through the manual process. There was no system for creating and then printing item price barcodes and inventory tags. Once they brought Datalogic's handheld scanner along with the Brother Mobile Printer, all of the appropriate labels were quickly and accurately produced, without having to integrate the solution with the store's POS (point of sale) system, or wireless network. No security risks and extremely quick implementation. In turn, the whole process of creating and placing all of the necessary labels was seamlessly simplified, saving the C-Store operator time, and providing accurate inventory and profitability visibility.

Datalogic and Brother Mobile Solutions have a proven track record in creating a number of other scan and print solutions that can be implemented at other points along the supply chain. These include: queue busting, integrated scale label printing, and forklift warehouse on-demand shipping labels. Take for example, Brother, Datalogic, Velociti and RAM Mounts partnership to improve the efficiency of the latter. The solution includes the Brother RuggedJetTM 4" mobile printer, the Datalogic RhinoTM II Vehicle Mount Computer, and the Datalogic PowerScanTM rugged handheld scanner to provide real-time access to a company's warehouse management system. With this compact trio, the efficiency and accuracy for warehouse and distribution centers is drastically improved as human errors will be reduced with an easy to use system that informs drivers which bin, rack or truck to load as product moves through a warehouse. Meanwhile, deployment speed is increased with improved system performance.

"Printing and scanning solutions are most effective when paired together," says Datalogic's Chief Marketing Officer, Francesco Montanari. "As a world-class producer in automation and automatic data capture, Datalogic is excited to best provide a product alongside a mobile printing giant like Brother Mobile Solutions that implements these advantages further into the retail sector. We provide a very cost-effective, proven, future proof solution and we are looking forward to hearing the feedback on increased efficiency."

On October 7th, Datalogic and Brother Mobile Solutions will be displaying their joint solutions at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Las Vegas at booth #6358. This annual show brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning about the respective trades, buying and selling of their inventive products. Datalogic is looking forward to showcasing why it is the best fit for convenience retailers of all sizes and products, above all others on the market.

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