Packaging perfection in e-commerce and much more at IRC 2018

int retai conf4It’s a fact: quality, method and timeliness of delivery are increasingly becoming key levers in maintaining customer loyalty, driving revenue and improving brand perception.

Incorrect and late deliveries, lack of information, as well as responding when things go wrong, do really matter. Here are few tips to deliver more happy customers:

  1. Optimising your packaging plays a very important role in positive engagement with
    the customer. Many deliveries are still either not being properly packed or secured, which have a serious impact on retailer’s reputation.
  2. Accuracy of delivery and regular updates are also key to avoiding customer service disaster. A number of technology solutions can facilitate this, so as to reduce the chance for human error.
  3. Knowing how to say “sorry” is also a key pillar of any customer-facing business. The way retailers react to mistakes make all the difference to the outcome and whether the customer will return.

Following these simple tips can indeed significantly increase profitability and customer experience, but they are just scratching the surface.

That’s why InternetRetailing Conference, at its performance dimension discussion titled What Does An Operational Excellence Strategy Look Like Leading Up To And During Peak Trading Periods?, will help challenge common misconceptions about delivery and uncover how technology and AI is transforming the world of retail delivery:

  • What can retailers do collaboratively as an industry to smooth the curve of gearing operations up for peak?
  • How can you get the balance between automation and manual fulfilment right during peak trading?
  • How should you re-think the use of agency workers during peak in the light of Brexit negotiations?
  • What new opportunities are there from a technology and warehouse automation perspective to assist you operationally during peak?
  • How should you respond operationally to customers’ price sensitivity during peak?
  • How should you approach resource availability during peak?

There is no eCommerce without delivery: be a winner in both at the UK’s only event that brings together 800+ retail board members, C-level executives and directors for a breath-taking day of inspiration and collaboration. internet retailing conf3

Meet our 50+ speakers from Harrods, Dixons Carphone, ShopDirect, Google, Deliveroo and many others and join the UK’s most forward-looking digital retail event.

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