SimpleAct, Inc. Introduces the QuickMark Mobile Bar Code Reader

quickmark2Scanning bar codes with Android phones just got easier with the QuickMark Mobile Bar Code Reader. QuickMark is owned by Simple Act, Inc. and is a popular website for generating a QR code for any website on the Internet and with the new reader app, sites can be saved for later viewing or for sharing with others. The QuickMark app can be downloaded for free through their website to your computer, then transferred to your Android phone. Once the app is on the Android phone you can start to scan bar codes that appear on websites, business cards, maps, locations, and many other places. A QR code can be generated on the QuickMark website then scanned with the app downloaded on the Android phone. With a scanned bar code on an Android phone, a user can save and store the information for website access, map navigation, maintaining and adding contacts to an email address book, and more. For adding contacts, scan any QR code that appears on a business card or website, which then interprets the information and transfers it to your email contacts. The QR code is saved immediately to your Android phone. This is much easier than having to enter contact information manually, especially if you have an extensive contact list.

quickmarkThe best thing I like about QuickMark is being able to share website links that may be of interest to family and friends. With the quickmarkQuickMark app, you can generate a QR code that can be scanned by others so that they can access the same website links. This app is perfect for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and needs to access information from a variety of sources at the touch of this app. The QuickMark app is also great for website designers who own and maintain a lot of sites and want to be able to access them at any time on their Android phone through the use of this app. Using the QuickMark QR code generator on their site and placing the bar codes on the websites that you own makes it easy to keep track of them and share them as part of your business portfolio.

The QuickMark app has the function of decoding the following bar codes: QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code39, and Code128. QuickMark for a PC platform enables the user to read QR and UPC bar code formats. QuickMark also offers tech support for those who may have trouble scanning the QR codes with their Android phones.


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