Find a Lost Pet with BarkCode Bar Codes

2dcodeIf you have ever worried about your pet getting lost and that you'll never see your treasured family member again, check out the BarkCode bar code. The BarkCode, a 2D bar code that can be scanned using an Android phone, will provide extensive information on the home of the lost pet. Being able to help a lost pet get home safely is the first concern of a pet owner.  The BarkCode bar code tag will do that by providing more than one piece of contact information in the pet's profile, which is embedded in the code tag.

pet-portFilling out your pet's profile online so that it can be converted into a 2D bar code is easy, and will provide sufficient information so that if someone finds your lost pet, they can also find you. This profile will have its own URL so that if the pet is found, the bar code can be scanned using an smartphone, taking the finder to the profile page.

The “Emergency Contact Info” portion of the profile includes: your pet's name, your phone numbers (including cell phone numbers), email addresses, any medical conditions your pet may have, medications the pet is presently taking, breed, gender, color, height, and weight. The profile also includes fields for the veterinarian's name, phone number and address. For pets that have an implanted microchip, the information on the chip can also be written on the profile. In general, the rule of thumb when using BarkCode is the more information about the pet and its owners, the better. Pet owners can also mention on the profile if there is a reward for the person who found the lost pet.

Once the pet's profile is completed online, and BarkCode is generated, the code can then be applied to the back of the pet tag which is attachable to a collar. To identify a lost pet, the finder can scan the bar code with their smart phone, read the pet's profile information which is available through a URL online, and get the pet safely home to its owner.

For your smartphone to be able to scan the BarkCode bar code, you can download the ScanLife app, which can be found at, or simply by going through your cell phone's app store. Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry are just a few cell phone brands for which this app is available.

BarkCode began in 2008 with the purpose of helping pet owners easily locate pets before they end up in animal shelters. The company is based in Venice, California and also donates a portion of its profits towards no-kill pet charities across the nation. BarkCode combines the latest in Android phone technology with the increasing use of Find a Lost Pet with BarkCode Bar Codes.

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