RFID for Car Dealerships: Alien Technology & MyDealerLot Improve Customer Satisfaction Plus Dealership Control

reader-9650Alien Technology has recently partnered with MyDealerLot to provide car dealerships with RFID-enabled client and inventory support systems.

The new technology was introduced at the flagship dealership of a large European luxury car brand in New York City. The RFID system consists of Alien® readers and MyDealerLots’ RFID tags.

One of the hallmarks of MyDealerLot is their Service Drive Concierge (SDC) for car dealerships. This RFID technology allows for personalized greetings on service-drive mounted plasmas, automated appointment arrival and loaner return messaging, messaging to cashiers to prepare paperwork in advance, automated car wash notifications and constant alerts to sales staff of a client’s vehicle pulling in for service.

“The goal of this inventive system is to provide car dealerships an opportunity to create new sales opportunities, enhance customer experience, manage inventory and streamline operations,” said George Cresto, MyDealerLot’s founder and CEO. “Alien’s readers are a core element in making this goal a reality.”

This auto industry-specific vertical leverages RFID to provide automated customer-arrival information, and antennas positioned over service lanes capture the unique ID number of an RFID sticker affixed to the back of a car's rearview mirror.

Customer satisfaction is enhanced when the unique ID numbers are captured and the system references each ID with the customer information.ALR-9900_Steep_Angle_LeftEach individual is welcomed to the car dealership by name, arrival information is sent directly to the appropriate personnel, and targeted messages are sent to others within the car dealership.

The collaboration leverages the Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Reader, which is designed for operation in the “915MHz” frequency band. This allows users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in-class RFID solutions for demanding supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications. The Alien ALR-9650 Smart-Antenna is also employed as part of the overall solution.

“Alien customers have grown accustomed to leveraging our expert technology for innovative RFID systems, and MyDealerLot has proven itself to be the industry leader in RFID application in the automotive sector,” said Mike Frieswyk, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Alien Technology. “The Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Reader with its best-in-class performance is a particularly critical component in this unique and productive program, and we look forward to building on our relationship with MyDealerLot.”

About MyDealerLot

MyDealerLot provides Automated Customer Recognition and Messaging Systems (ACRMS) using RFID technologies to car dealerships in the United States. MyDealerLot’s Zonal Tracking solutions provide automated location tracking and web-based vehicle dispatching systems. Their clients include multiple Lexus, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and other high-end dealerships across the country. Visit www.mydealerlot.com for more information.

About Alien Technology

Founded in 1994, Alien Technology is a leading technology and product provider of UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Integrated Circuits (IC), tags, readers and professional services for industries including consumer packaged goods, retail apparel, manufacturing, transportation, airports and cargo logistics, government and defense. Alien was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California with Alien Technology Asia in South Korea and the RFID Solutions Center located in the Dayton, Ohio region. Alien also maintains sales offices in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. Alien is a member of EPCGlobal. Alien Technology’s website is www.alientechnology.com.

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