QR Code Temporary Tattoos Help Keep Children Safe

QR bar code tattooEvery parent wants to keep their child safe in public places where they might get separated: shopping malls, vacation spots, amusement parks. While most children will stay close to their parents when they are out in public, there is always the chance the child can be distracted by something, such as a toy or piece of candy. SafetyTat provides a temporary bar code solution that can easily be stuck onto a child's arm and that will stay on until it is time to come off. These tattoos have a QR code on them along with a space for an emergency contact number (preferably a mobile phone number).

The SafetyTat website has a brief form that can be filled out with each child's basic information such as name, birth date, address, and phone number. Then a QR code is generated from this information and appears on the tattoo label's left hand side. When the QR code is scanned with a smart phone, the child's contact information is shown, and can be used to return the child safely to the parents. With the child's information embedded in the bar code, a lost child can feel safe, knowing that this bar code tattoo will help him or her get home safely.

Placing the SafetyTat bar code tattoo on a child's arm can be done in several easy steps. The inside of the arm works best as this part is shielded from rain and cannot be rubbed off as easily. A small wipe is provided with the tattoo that will remove any oil or dirt from a child's arm. The bar code tattoo is then removed from its protective backing and placed on the desired area of the child's arm. Firm pressure is gently applied for 20 seconds to make sure the label adheres properly. No type of lotion or liquid including sunscreen and alcohol should be placed on or around the tattoo as that will make it fade. To remove the tattoo, lift a corner and slowly peel back. When peeling off, do not keep the lifted edge raised straight up, but roll it back over itself.

SafetyTat is the invention of a mother with three children who initially attempted to write her children's contact information in ballpoint pen on their arms. With a temporary tattoo, however, that did not wash off as easily as the pen and ensured a child's safety should he or she get separated from the parent. These temporary bar code tattoos can be purchased directly online through their website or at any of the brick-and-mortar stores listed in their directory.

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