Tag of the Week: 2D Logos for the 21st Century

2D bar code logo Tag


Logos are the lynchpin when it comes to branding. Some logos are so recognizable that with just a glance we immediately know the who and what behind these one dimensional images.

The philosophy behind the logo has not changed in over 2000 years: consistently broadcast and reinforce an image in order to create a link between the brand and the mind of the consumer.

With the emergence of 2D bar codes we can now fully exploit the power of the logo. 2D Logo Tags by daCosta are designed from the ground up to be scanned by a smart phone. They instantly connect the consumer to infinite digital content and the precise message or mission the brand is attempting to convey.

This is definitely not your father's logo..


Use the Tag Reader app http://gettag.mobi to read 2d Logo Tags by daCosta, Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and NFC.


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