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QRcodepuzzle2D bar codes, QR codes and other versions of 2D bar codes have now become a significant part of the bar code landscape.  Our mission here at The Bar Code News is to be the "Go-To Site for everything Bar Code™" so we want to make it easy for you to access the best resources out there.  Read some of our most popular articles about QR codes, what they are, how to use them how to make them, and more. 

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Learn About 2D Bar Codes / QR Codes

QR Codes - Everything you always wanted to know*

Microsoft Says Goodbye To Tag Part 1  Part-2(Good or Bad?)    

Part - 3(Industry leaders weigh in)


Beauty and the Barcode: Microsoft Tags Hit the Shelves

SnapTags™: A Door-opener to Mobile Social and Media Marketing

Chinese market opportunities for Han Xin Code

Best Practices for 2D bar codes / QR Codes

Best Practices for Using 2D Barcodes in Advertising

Bar Codes: QR Should Not Mean "Questionable Readability"

How to Successfully Use 2D Barcodes in an Advertisement

How to Add a QR code to Gmail

QR Code Shootout - Which App is fastest?

QR Should Not Mean Questionable Readability - the right and wrong ways to implement QR codes

How to Make QR Codes

Our Make A QR Code Page

Online Bar Code Generators: Find Out How to Make 'Em and Use 'Em

Online QR Code Generators: More Applications For 2D Bar Codes

How to Create a QR Code with a website address (URL) for a Sign or Flyer (video)


How to Create a QR Code for a Business Card (video)


Uses for QR Codes / 2D Bar codes

Find a Lost Pet with BarkCode Bar Codes

Car Dealers Expand "Open" Hours with QR Codes

QR Codes Raise Awareness, Donations for Nonprofit Organizations

QR Codes Helping Us Get Back to Nature?

QR Codes Collect Customer Feedback for Canada Post

Penthouse Mag Barcodes the Babes, Sex Advice via QR code

QR Bar Codes Saving Lives

QR Codes Power Virtual Grocery Stores in Asia: Will America's Grocers Catch On?

QR Codes Being Used as Tour Guides

Direct Part Marking: An Evolving Bar Code Technology for Automated Traceability

50 QR Code Solution Articles

Using QR Codes for Your Business

QRaffiticodes.com helps business owners launch QR code campaigns

Harnessing the Power of 2D Barcodes for Small Business

Resort Offers a Great Example of QR Code Usage for Small Business

Visual QR Codes In Action

More Bar Code Resources

Assorted bar code resources

Assorted RFID Resources

Point of Sale (POS) Resources

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Point of Sale (POS) Resources

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