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haberstrohIn a fast paced world where viewing and paying bills is a time consuming but important job, scanning a QR code on a billing statement and viewing the account information online makes it possible for individuals to pay for bills sent by hospitals, banks, and department stores on time. Customers can view all detailed information in an account, including past balances, payments, and due dates. Some billing statement companies such as One2One Communications and Apex provides the service of placing a QR code in a small corner of the payment coupon that the recipient can scan with a smart phone and receive detailed information on the statement. Viewing an electronic statement cuts down on paper for both companies issuing the statements as well as the customers. Companies like Allstate and BlueCross BlueShield have started placing QR codes on billing statements. By using QR codes on billing statements, time and money is saved by companies. Electronic statements are ideal for green home offices, especially homes that have limited space for paper statement storage in file cabinets. 

Toyota Financial Services offers an app which can be downloaded onto a smart phone that allows a customer to pay bills through their account. Slightly different from just scanning a QR code that appears on a paper billing statement, the purpose of the app is to process customer payments more quickly and efficiently. iMingle offers car, home, and renter's insurance an online payment site so their customers can take care of statements by scanning the QR code that appears on their bills.

Apex provides an interface for bill payments by placing QR codes which can be scanned and the statements read by the client. By using the QR code as a means of accessing billing statements, those statements can then be paid for online through electronic banking. Paying bills online cuts down on paperwork, time and money for both the client and the companies. Apex creates innovative statements and invoices that increase the flow of money into businesses. Apex works closely with banks and healthcare providers in creating statements which are easy to understand by customers, in addition to saving paper and postage prices without compromising quality service. The company is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

One2One Communications has been creating high quality billing statements since 2002. Based in Wheeling, Illinois, the company offers improved money flow, and reduction in paper and statement expense to those who use their services.

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