Tag of the Week: Online Labels

TagoftheWeek_6_online_labelsA label is something you attach to something or someone to provide an explanation or information about the person, place, or thing. Labels can be good and they can be bad, fair or unfair, true or untrue; but, once something is labeled it is hard to redefine the image that accompanies the label.

Online labels can affect your life and business unlike any other medium. If your online label is positive it can open doors and opportunity around the world; but, if your online label is negative, doors will be shut and opportunities lost.

2D codes can assist in building a positive online label and identity for anybody, anything, or any place, especially when they are branded. Take, for example, the “Perry Chen 2D Tag.”

Perry is a ten-year-old film critic and animator. When I created this Tag for Perry, I took many things into consideration. It is important to me to respect the culture, talents and the unique symbols that are associated with the person. Perry Chen's 2D branded Tag is an important link to positive information, press releases, and news, that all enhance his image and allow for the continuous cultivation of his digital brand, or “online label.“

Perry Chen 2d Tag used with permission.

Use the Tag Reader app http://gettag.mobi to read 2d Logo Tags by daCosta, Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and NFC.

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