Microsoft Tags And QR Codes Make Real Estate Marketing Boom

realestateThe real estate market in this country has certainly seen better days. However, creative and tech-savvy realtors and real estate firms are boosting sales and reaching new customers by offering an array of mobile technologies for potential homebuyers with smartphones and tablets. Making use of scannable solutions like Microsoft Tags and QR codes helps real estate firms to use the power of social networks and smart devices to advertise their properties, connect potential buyers with sellers, and allow home buyers to experience properties from the inside out while in the comfort of their own homes. Using scannable Microsoft Tags and QR codes on "smart signs" and other advertising materials, and directing potential homebuyers to specific properties through unique Microsoft Tags and QR codes that link to a property's dedicated website, real estate professionals are tapping into a powerful resource for connecting with their customers, putting the properties in the palms of their hands.

Xpress Realty, a Milwaukee firm offering an especially media- and technology-rich package for customers whose properties are listed for sale, added Microsoft Tag technology to its Xpress Connect online marketing program. Xpress Connect integrates a number of disparate methods for connecting home sellers and buyers through the Internet via mobile technology. Each property listed for sale in the Xpress Connect program has its own dedicated website, YouTube video feature, and social media listings along with various online advertising opportunities. The social media marketing platform also offers Microsoft Tag signage through its Smart Sign program, directing customers scanning the Microsoft Tag directly to the property's unique website. Microsoft Tags allow customers to access detailed information about the property they are considering without taking the time to type in the full web address or write it down for access later. Those crucial moments saved by the ease of use offered by Microsoft Tag technology on the Smart Signs may even make potential buyers that much more

FloorPlanOnline, a Washington State real estate marketing firm, offers a redesigned iPad app that allows potential homebuyers to interact with properties before they view them in person. Scanning a dedicated QR code links interested parties to the FloorPlanOnline sample tour. Home buyers can use the FloorPlanOnline Tabbed Tour Viewer for iPad to view floor plans, photos, videos, and more. The app works on any tablet device, not just the iPad, and can also be used on a computer. The company also offers advice for listing agents on how to maximize the Tabbed Tour Viewer experience for your property. The company offers a scannable QR code directing to a sample tour, available on the Tabbed Tour Viewer website.

Companies like FloorPlanOnline and Xpress Realty are integrating the latest in mobile barcode technologies such as Microsoft Tags and QR codes to connect with their customer bases in new and powerful ways. Integrating Microsoft Tags and QR codes allows real estate firms to create an online presence for their properties and reach potential buyers all over the globe with a single click or scan. QR codes and Microsoft Tags allow buyers to quickly snap a code and find a wealth of information about a property in only seconds, keeping their interest while providing further information.

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