RFID Chips For Your Surfboard, Guitar, Bike and more..

snagg surfboard rfidSnagg - a company based in Wisconsin has been serving up RFID chips to identify personal possessions that are valuable - including guitars, surfboards, tools, guns and just about anything you can think of for ten years.  In the event your item is stolen, Snagg will place entries in national databases of stolen items so that pawn shops and the authorities can check against it.   It's a great idea.  Much like the microchips that vets have been placing on pets for many years.  The chips are modestly priced at only $24.95 for one, and price per unit drops as you purchase more.  The RFID chip is about the size of grain of rice. 

I spoke with Brian Schuh, their Chief Information Officer, who informed me that the company has manufacturing partnerships with companies like Carvin Guitars, who includes an RFID chip in every guitar they make and Category 5 Surfboards.    The company is also working with a number of pawn shops. snagg bike rfid

"About 50% of pawn shops are very excited to confirm they don't have stolen goods. Some pawn shops already have an RFID reader in place.   The RFID reader is usually a wand type that will read a chip that is four to six inches away.   They are the same wands that the local humane society uses.  The RFID reader will cost between $300 and $500, depending on quality." 
snagg gps tracker1The company is now taking the next step and launching a GPS tracking solution with a three year battery life.   The GPS unit will send an email out once a week identifying its location.   If an item is missing or stolen, the owner can remotely activate the unit to report back on an hourly basis.   Snagg recommends people use the police and not try to recover it themselves.   The unit is about the size of a Tic-Tac container and will retail for $299.
"What Lo-Jack has done for cars over the years, SNAGG is now doing for other personal valuables such as our guitar cases," states Jon Green, whose company Calton Cases International recently joined forces with SNAGG. "These units can be hidden inside almost anything and enable law enforcement to recover the item anywhere in the world." Calton Cases employs SNAGG's RFID chip technology in every case they manufacture and will offer the GPS product as a simple hidden add-on to their case to allow the locked cases to be tracked if stolen.

SNAGG will initially launch with two units that each serve a unique purpose and fit almost every need. The GL200 is a fully-rechargeable unit that can be hardwired to your car or equipment to allow the units to be continuously tracked without charging or maintenance. The other unit, the GL500, is a stand-alone GPS that can achieve a three year battery life with their unique daily deep sleep mode.

The online tracking service can be viewed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Tracking services start at $49 per year and include a daily notification of where your item is and the battery life remaining. The system can then remotely activate the units from daily to real-time tracking should the need arise. Police can then be notified of the location so they can locate and recover your equipment. As the system launches October 1st, SNAGG already has plans to improve their hardware, as well as customize the platform for partner needs.

"SNAGG remains on the cutting edge of technology and our newest system is built so that as the technology gets better, our system gets better," comments Schuh. "To remain a step ahead, we are constantly striving to improve the efficiency of our hardware and recovery systems. GPS technology to recover valuables is finally a practical option for us."

See further information at www.snagg.com/gps.

Snagg has been a worldwide leader in theft protection and recovery for over 10 years. Using microchips and now GPS Asset Tracking, Snagg is leading the way toward taking thieves off the street and getting people's priceless possessions back. There are some things money just can't replace, by installing a microchip or GPS Asset tracker, Snagg gives you the best chance of recovery no matter where your asset ends up. Snagg makes law enforcement's jobs easier and more effective.

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