Fixed Asset Tracking With Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

StickNFind1Operational efficiency is ever more important for companies competing in today’s marketplace. For an organization to run smoothly, it depends on streamlined monitoring, maintaining, and managing of items. Regulations, financial pressure, employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety concerns all contribute to the increasing challenges meeting organizations. StickNFind addressed these challenges by introducing the StickNFind Enterprise Beacon in November 2013. "We are excited to launch a new solution for the enterprise that captures the essence of what made the StickNFind location sticker so popular," said Jimmy Buchheim, founder of StickNFind.

StickNFind Enterprise Beacons provide increased battery life and accurate temperature sensing, allowing them to be placed outdoors, if needed. They also allow real-time tracking of inventory, with alerts for shortages or surpluses; the increased inventory efficiency allows users to take immediate advantage and make real-time decisions about stock and quickly locate equipment.

Asset tracking is also enhanced with StickNFind Enterprise Beacons. The beacons reduce human error by automating data collection. They don’t require a line of site or individual scanning, thus cutting down the time needed to locate assets.StickNFind2

The transportation and luggage business will also find tailored aspects to increase safety, efficiency, and reliability. Quality and safety standards are maintained by optimizing traceability, security, and documentation. Temperature management is made easier by the monitoring and recording of temperature throughout transport.

Finally StickNFind beacons can increase security with a credential replacement system, man-down tracking, and proximity based authentication and authorization.

General Specifications
Connectivity: Bluetooth SMART (BLE / Bluetooth Low Energy)
Range: Approximate 150 feet with line of sight
Battery: Lasts up to 3 years
Water resistant (IP-67)

Technology Specifications
Android: Devices supporting Bluetooth SMART (Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note III, Note II)
iOS: Devices supporting Bluetooth SMART (iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod touch, iPod nano)

About StickNFind
StickNFind is a leader in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. They design, develop, and manufacture consumer and enterprise beacons and software solutions, providing very small Bluetooth beacons and location devices that aid in tracking, monitoring, and interacting with items.

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