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Ever wanted to offer a customer a piece of candy with your company’s logo on the label? Or maybe promote your business with some delicious, professional-looking home brew?  Perhaps you thought printing a personalized t-shirt for your employee of the month sounded fun but was impractical? I’d like to introduce you to offers blank labels that are compatible with standard laser and inkjet printers, making it easy for individuals to create custom labels in the comfort of their own home or business. This can eliminate the need for bulk orders of pre-printed labels from large manufacturers. Many of the designs they offer are exactly what you’d expect: CD labels, address labels, file folder labels and the like. But on OnlineLabel’s product page you’ll also find less expected items, and plenty of them. Here are seven that caught my eye:

1. SD Card Labels. A simple one to start. A nice, rectangular .75” by 1” label, ninety per sheet. You can order 100 sheets at the time, or 1000. More impressively, you can even order just a single sheet. There are no minimum orders on this or any other product. And in case you’re worried your SD card might get rained on, this label—like most others—is available in several different weatherproof varieties. 

2. Jar Labels. Pickle jars, candle jars, jam jars, spice jars, jars stuffed with wedding favors. Imagine a jar, any jar. Now, imagine the label you’d put on that jar if you had no design restrictions. Finally, go ahead and order the label you just imagined. OnlineLabels offers 34 different jar label styles, including wrap-arounds and straight-forward ovals. Their offerings are easily sorted by size and shape.label-bottle

3. Coffee Bag Labels. Does your coffee shop offer a quirkily named french roast or a decaffeinated blend named after your oddly lethargic childhood dog? No problem. You can personalize your coffee bag labels with more than 32 different colors and materials, and choose from rectangular and oval labels in a variety of sizes.

4. Candy Favor Labels. The folks running this website seem to have a special place for Hershey’s in their hearts. Or maybe they just realized that if a business sets out a bowl of candy on the receptionist’s desk, there’s a very good chance of that candy either being Hershey’s Kisses or a mixture of Krackle, Special Dark and whatever else comes in that miniature candy bar variety pack. Thus they offer labels specially designed to fit Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Mini’s, and Hershey’s Nuggets, as well as full-sized bars. This makes it a snap to send your customers home with a sweet reminder of your business. Not into chocolate? They also offer custom labels for mint tins and Tic Tac containers.

5. Magnetic Labels. These aren’t labels for magnets, they are actual magnetic labels. They come in two sizes: business card and full sheet. Use them for digital photos, organizing products on metal shelving, or embarrassing the new guy with an 8.5” x 11” mug shot on the break room refrigerator. OnlineLabels’ products come in so many varieties that almost every shape and size can be made in a material that is compatible with your printer, whether it’s inkjet or laser. Magnetic labels are an exception and can only be used with inkjet printers.

label-barcode6. Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper. This is how you make that personalized employee of the month t-shirt, or jerseys for the company softball team. Or maybe you want to let your employees choose their own style shirts but unify their look with a common logo on the sleeve. OnlineLabels offers two different types of transfer paper, one for light colored fabric and one for dark, and the website includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for printing and applying the iron-on transfers.

7. Metallic Labels. These are true attention-getters: bright gold and silver foil labels available in pretty much every shape and size imaginable. I’m hard-pressed to think of an occasion for which these wouldn’t be appropriate—nay, amazing. foil-label

With the above list I’m barely scratching the surface of the products offered. There are also: wine bottle labels, beer bottle labels, shipping labels, golf club labels, bookplate labels, remote controlled RC decal labels, and much more.Check out their product page for a full list. And if you can’t find what you need on that list, they also offer hundreds of specialty shapes and the option to fully customize any shape they don’t already have in stock.

Moving beyond the physical labels themselves, also offers free label- generating tools. With these, you can create barcodes, QR labels and nutrition labels. They also offer their Maestro Label Designer software free to customers—no downloads necessary. The software includes hundreds of templates to help you along the way, as well as one of the afore mentioned barcode generating tools. It also gives you access to’s extensive image library for use in designing your custom labels.

Nowadays a good product alone often isn’t enough to make a business successful. Thus is also focused on maintaining top-notch customer service. I already mentioned that there are no minimum orders; they also provide same day shipping at no additional cost and happily provide free samples to earnest customers. Any standard items can also be returned for a full refund within 60 days, should circumstances change and your order no longer meets your needs. isn’t the only label manufacturer out there, but it’s one of the largest and between their huge selection and emphasis on customer service they’re also arguably one of the best.

by Alex Mehler


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