Barcoding and RFID in Transportation/Logistics

Tracking is an essential function of shipping goods. RFID tags and barcodes play a pivotal role in secure, effective and accurate tracking. Check out some of the ways that RFID, barcode and other tracking technologies enable transportation and logistics functions.  Container ship Rio Negro 

The Benefits of Deploying a Fleet Tracking System - The number of fleet management systems has been rising over the past few years. It's not suprising when you consider the benefits fleet managers have enjoyed. Check out six of the top benefits of deploying a fleet management system.

Vanderbilt University Finds Success in Barcode Tracking for Packages - At one point, the University was employing seven staff members to process mail and packages for 229 campus buildings. Then the school implemented a barcode system. Now, 12,000 packages per month are being processed by fewer employees. Find out how the system improved productivity. 

What Helped Keep Seafood Fresh Dock to Door? - Ocean Beauty Seafoods, a large seafood processor headquartered in Seattle, challenged itself to find a more efficient, accurate tracking system for shipping from its six Alsaskan processing plants. A barcode system was implemented, improving traceability. But the transition wasn't a total success until it solved a key problem

RFID Boosts ROI for Canadian Transportation Leaders - British Columbia-based Coast Mountain Bus Company has experienced a healthy return on its investment in RFID-based tracking software. In another case, Canadian Railway reported an ROI of $500,000 Canadian Dollars. RFID has helped both organizations alleviate congestion, improve data capture rates, and reduce idle times.

supply chain graphicEnsuring Barcode Quality Throughout the Supply Chain - Barcode quality control is a huge issue for transportation and/or logistics management. The good news is that two beneficial trends have developed in bar code quality. What do you need to maintain a successful program of supply chain tracking? 

Oil and Gas Equipment Transporters Have a New Tool - It doesn't take an oil speculator to know that supply chain management for the oil and gas industry presents some interesting challenges. RFID technology has helped drillers and refiners track equipment from fabricator to site. Two tracking technology vendors combined to provide the industry a solid RFID-based solution. The unique passive UHF RFID tags are ideally suited for infrequently used rental equipment tracked on a single trip through the supply chain. 

A "Green" Tracking Option for Shippers - An RFID chip manufacturer is selling 100% recyclable, plastic pallets with embedded RFID technology. Businesses that switch from wood pallets to these sturdy trackable version realize significant savings (as much as $2 per unitized load). Some of the benefits include lower transport costs, reduced production downtime, less product damage and fewer rejected loads.

Reading RFID Tags and Barcodes From a Distance - If shippers want to avoid having to stand right next to every pallet, a long-distance handheld barcode reader solution is here. The LogiBoxx Handheld RFID Reader gives shipping controllers a long-distance tool; the unit is capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes up to 15 feet away. 

Logistics Executives Hail RFID Technology For its Visibility in the Supply Chain - At the 8th Annual 3PL Summit, third-party logistics executives praised the use of RFID at all points in the supply chain. One logistics tracking vendor received especially positive recognition.

Intermec RFID Tightens Tortilla Tracking for Mission Foods - RFID readers used to track food products have been showing up in food manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Tortilla maker Mission Foods joined the trend. RFID readers were deployed in three plants with improved tracking results. Mission Foods VP Eduardo J. Valdes said, "By not having to worry about missing assets, we can focus our attention on additional ways to better our warehouse operations to improve the customer experience." How did they do it? 

How to Shrink Your Supply Chain With RFID - There are 11 ways deploying an RFID system in your transportation/logistics operation improves supply chain management. Can you name all 11 before reading this article? 

Barcodes Prove Critical to Tracking Radioactive Material Shipments - The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization had a challenge: Ensuring compliance whil lowering labeling costs. The ANSTO was looking for a solution to provide a secure, real time labeling process for radioactive materials that improved efficiency while reducing the opportunity for human error. Thanks to a collaboration between SAP and BarTender, the ANSTO was able to meet that challenge. 


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