Invisible Bar Codes and Target Solutions Everywhere

lepton id 1Manufacturers of electronic parts, materials and many other products have been dealing with the emergence and increased availability of counterfeit goods - where billions of dollars are forfeited each year through their supply chains.  
Lepton-iD  has been a leader in developing state-of-the-art technologies to combat sophisticated counterfeiters. This particular technology is targeted for supply chain applications and is developed by placing a small amount of inorganic material in a bar code, that will enable vendors, customers and consumers to authenticate the product now, and for the life of the product.     
Lepton-id has developed an invisible barcode, completely undetectable by the human eye, or UV detection systems, utilizing standard printing processes with a machine readable, password protected terminal capable of recognizing their proprietary inorganic taggant (markers) materials. The unique properties of this optical material is that it is not visible to the naked eye under essentially all illumination.
Virtually every product sold has a barcode printed on it.  Literally billions of barcodes are scanned across the world every day. Further, printed 2D codes are found in all types of product packaging and advertising designed as an easy reference to understanding more about the product through a linked database retrieval system. 
The company has recently introduced a series of anti-counterfeit technologies including truly invisible bar codes. TRULY Invisible barcodes cannot be seen by simply applying a UV light source. Those types of "invisible" claims are a dime a dozen and the UV taggants can be purchased cheaply anywhere. The Lepton-iD technique utilizes an inorganic rare earth material which is environmentally safe, is virtually indestructible with a long shelf life.   
Combating Fake Products Affecting Total Industries

Lepton-iD inorganic taggants can be housed in many many products. As we focus on invisible barcodes, we seek to eradicate fake product that has rooted itself in these supply chains for many years, costing literally billions of dollars of lost revenue.lepton id 2
Industry data for the Pharma, Electronic Component and Industrial vertical segments has shown that these industries have been key targets of counterfeiters. Reports show there is in excess of 300 billion (yes billion!!) dollars per year of counterfeited product entering these supply chains. Sophisticated criminals have the ability to create packaging that looks official and real to consumers.
The exterior packaging alone has become an unreliable product authentication method.
Counterfeit goods entering the consumer market results in sub-standard product performance, component errors, potential health issues and a true reduction of brand value that manufacturers have spent literally billions of dollars over many years. 
Where is the Invisible Bar Code Going??
The Lepton-iD true invisible bar codes are designed utilizing state-of-the-art inorganic material suitable for use in most all manufacturing environments. We specially designed IR readers that can determine uniquely marked, serial number patterns that will confirm authenticity and allow for database tracking. The beauty of the technology is the well funded counterfeiters do not have easy access to the IR frequency.
High-priced brands will continue to test the Lepton-iD taggant materials in component production facilities.  Trends certainly suggest that higher value components, like those targeted by counterfeiters, will carry a true invisible bar code.
lepton id 3According to James Magos, VP Business Development, “Lepton-id technology is a game changing product (taggant & detection system). The taggant is capable of being incorporated in many different delivery instruments." Simply place an invisible barcode down and, if you would like, then place a standard printed barcode label over it.

Lepton-id focuses efforts in Anti-Counterfeit, False Returns, Divergence (Cross sales), Track and Trace, Covert product, Authentication and Forensic proof addressing the customers #1 problem -- “Brand Protection”.
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Figure 1: Invisible Barcode - top image                                            
Figure 2: Detecting 1D Invisible Barcodes - middle
Figure 3: Detecting 2D Invisible Barcodes - lower image
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