ServiceMax Launches Industry's First Connected Field Service Solution

ServiceMax Harnesses IoT Connecting Technicians and Products to Deliver Profitable Service

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwired - January 14, 2016) -  ServiceMax[1], the leading field service management solution for a new era of business, today announced the launch of Connected Field Service, the field service industry's first complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Connected Field Service (CFS) is the first product to seamlessly integrate IoT machine data with a field service delivery system, providing service professionals and technicians with real-time proactive information about field assets, delivered via the cloud to their mobile devices. As manufacturers and service providers continue to emphasize the need for proactivity in field service, the solution will be the essential framework for delivering more intelligent and agile service, transforming how technicians operate in the field while improving the quality of service they're able to provide.

Connected Field Service, an offering from ServiceMax that leverages the PTC ThingWorx® IoT platform, enables 'smart' machines to initiate service requests, introduces new tools for remote service, and displays real-time machine data to service professionals and, when combined with additional PTC Service Lifecycle Management solutions, provides technicians with connected diagnostics and contextual repair procedures via mobile devices. As part of the offering, ServiceMax is also announcing the availability of ProductIQ, a new feature in the ServiceMax Mobile suite for iPad and Laptops. ProductIQ provides ServiceMax customers a simple and clear mobile window into smart device details and records in-field activities. By transforming service delivery with real-time machine data and intelligent service tools, manufacturers can better guarantee asset performance and uptime, allowing them to sell services, and not products, in-line with the outcome-based model.

"We wanted to leverage the power of IoT to strengthen our platform for delivering flawless field service to our customers," said Dave Yarnold, CEO of ServiceMax. "Connected Field Service lets you know immediately when something has failed or is about to fail, and automatically dispatches the necessary technician with the right knowledge and the right parts to repair the machine and eliminate unplanned downtime. The real-time window gives our customers the opportunity to drive higher customer satisfaction, opens up new opportunities for outcome-based service offerings, and ultimately drives profitable service."

"Together, PTC and ServiceMax are enabling manufacturers and service organizations to create new value for their customers through enhanced service offerings and the sale of outcomes," said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO of PTC. "Connected Field Service leverages our complementary technology offerings and a shared vision for the transformation of service made possible by the Internet of Things, bringing an array of new capabilities to technicians in the field and powering increased efficiency and profitability at multiple stages of the service lifecycle."

Connected Field Service recognizes that the trajectory of the field service industry needs to match that of the manufacturing industry. As manufacturers are more inclined to sell outcomes not products, the technicians delivering these outcomes need to move from a reactive servicing to a proactive and predictive model. The CFS solution offers service professionals and technicians predictive insights into the products they are servicing, underscoring ServiceMax's ongoing commitment to deliver the most advanced capabilities to its customers.

"In our line of work, asset uptime is crucial. The ability to create real time reports straight from the machine and deliver to our technicians is very powerful," said Daniel Kingham, Program Director at Elekta. "This feature alone will differentiate us from our competitors, delivering proactive and highly productive service to our customers around the globe. Ultimately, Connected Field Service allows us to transform our business and create loyal customers."

"With so much new technology available in IoT point solutions, one of the main challenges our members are seeing is how to make sense of it all and put it to use," said John Ragsdale, VP of Technology Research, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). "The Connected Field Service solution from ServiceMax and PTC is the first solution we have seen that addresses this problem head-on. They have delivered the first pre-integrated suite that can provide a seamless view of real-time machine data, right in the context of where it is needed most -- the delivery of service in the field."

About ServiceMax

ServiceMax leads the massive global industry of field service management software -- an $18 billion market worldwide. The company continues to reimagine and create solutions for the 20 million people globally who install, maintain, and repair machines across dozens of industries as the only provider of complete end-to end mobile and cloud-based technology for the sector. ServiceMax goes to every length -- from joining technicians on service calls to publishing the industry's leading online publication -- to help customers discover untapped innovation, unleash new revenue streams, drive efficiency, and most importantly delight their end-customer. To learn more, please visit[2].

PTC and ThingWorx are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.


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