Banksy Does Bar Codes- Barcodes As Art

banksy barcode Many of us have had the pleasure of stumbling across a work of art by Banksy - the reclusive street artist - while walking down the street somewhere, from NYC to Park City or any number of cities around the world.   I recently came across these barcodes.    

The tiger and barcode image sold for $120,000.  

 I tried to track down the bar code number itself, to see if there was some additional hidden meaning.  I had to play with the number a bit, just to get it to parse in the GTIN lookup tool.   The best I could do was to tie to the GCP (Global Company Prefix) - 31454 - to Little People Video in California. The business seems to have been dissolved some time ago.  I've no idea if there is a connection or not.  (see image all the way at the bottom.)  The ten digits could certainly relate to someting else.  Maybe the 3-14-54 has some meaning?  If you know - please enlighten me.   


banksy shark barcode

If you feel the need to wear a bar code, you can find it on Etsy -

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