BlueStar Adopts Zebra's Software Application Services Offering

August 11 2016 - Hebron, Ky. BlueStar, a leading global distributor of ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and Security technology solutions, is pleased to introduce the new Software Application Services from Zebra Technologies. 

The operating system landscape is changing, with more mobile solutions being implemented regularly and mobile operating systems such as Windows Embedded reaching the end of their lifespan. To meet the growing need for operating system migration, Zebra has launched a comprehensive set of migration services offering end-to-end help on IT issues such as modernizing legacy applications and developing next-generation mobility strategies. Zebra's services also offer application virtualization technology to help legacy systems quickly shift operating systems at an affordable cost. 

"Application Developers should take a two-pronged approach," says Jack Sheehan, enterprise product and business development manager for Zebra. "First, new opportunities and applications should be guided toward an operating system with long- term support. Second, past deployments on legacy operating systems need to be refreshed with new hardware on a new platform. The opportunity for a hardware refresh is nearly unprecedented in our channel." 

Getting the operating system shift right is crucial for businesses as they attempt to operate smoothly during implementation. With a range of custom and pre-packaged services that address the challenges of migrating from legacy operating systems, Zebra's migration services help users reduce risk, time and cost associated with the application development cycle. 

For more information, please visit the OS migration site at BlueStar. 

BlueStar is the leading global distributor of solutions-based ADC, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, and Security technology. BlueStar works exclusively with value-added resellers, providing them with complete solutions, business development and marketing support. The company brings unequaled expertise to the market, offers award-winning technical support and is an authorized service center for a growing number of manufacturers. BlueStar is the exclusive distributor for the In-a-Box Solutions Series, delivering hardware, software and critical accessories in one bundle with technology solutions across all verticals. For more information, please contact BlueStar at 1-800-354-9776 or visit


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