Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Manufacturing Operations Management

BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper "The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Manufacturing Operations Management". This white paper is available for download from the front page News section of

This white paper describes how real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques originally developed for the USAF and NASA are being applied to manufacturing organizations to enable managers to run their manufacturing plants with less stress and much smaller management teams. It gives examples of how even small manufacturing organizations are able to use these methods to automate their planning and scheduling and for managers to be alerted whenever problems arise.

To paraphrase David Brooks on the PBS evening news: "Manufacturing is going through a revolution from a labor intensive, blue-collar industry to a white-collar, Silicon Valley industry". This use of AI to assist managers to efficiently run their operations is part of the transition from manufacturing being a labor intensive business to being highly automated at the operations management level as well as on the production floor.

This revolution is enabling manufacturers in the USA to rapidly design, engineer, and make products to order in response to products ordered over the Internet. To quote Dr. Peter Green, who leads BellHawk Systems real-time AI implementation team: "As a result of technology like this, manufacturing is coming back to the USA in a big way. Labor costs are no longer a barrier. Instead, what is important is creative use of advanced technology, which is where the USA leads the World."

For more information, please contact Diane Root, Marketing Specialist at BellHawk Systems Corporation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-508-865-8070 x301

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