RFID Consortium Announces Patent Portfolio License to Convergence Systems Limited

RFIDCHICAGO, IL--(Jan 19, 2017) - The RFID Consortium today announced it has entered into a Patent Portfolio License with Convergence Systems Limited (CSL). Through the RFID Consortium, CSL has access to an international portfolio of essential UHF RFID patents for its RFID tags, readers, antennas, modules and other hardware.

"By licensing the patent portfolio from the RFID Consortium, CSL is taking advantage of a centralized and cost-effective method for obtaining rights under multiple patents held by all of our Members," said Alan Melling, a spokesperson for the RFID Consortium. "CSL joins other major licensees including 3M and Zebra Technologies in accessing a portfolio of patents to allow it to build leading-edge RFID products and solutions. In addition, CSL is now permitted to use the Consortium logo on its RFID products. The Consortium logo on a product assures customers that the product is properly licensed through the Consortium."

"The RFID Consortium license offers a streamlined method for CSL to access UHF RFID technologies critical to the development of our RFID solutions portfolio. This license provides peace of mind to our customers in all vertical markets we serve, including logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control, transportation, retail and military," said Jerry Garrett, Managing Director of Convergence Systems Limited.

The RFID Consortium promotes adoption of UHF RFID by offering vendors access to patents essential to practice the UHF RFID Standards announced by EPCglobal and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) at a reasonable cost. This licensing program is intended to provide predictability and stability as well as facilitate the widespread adoption of UHF RFID technology, which improves efficiency in shipping, inventory management, and other applications, providing significant benefits to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. RFID Consortium members include 3M Innovative Properties Company; ETRI; LG Electronics, Inc.; and Zebra Technologies Corporation.

About the RFID Consortium
The RFID Consortium is comprised of companies that own patents essential to the practice of ultrahigh frequency radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) standards. The RFID Consortium's goals are to promote rapid adoption of UHF RFID by facilitating easier access, by manufacturers and customers alike, to essential UHF RFID patents and to provide patent owners the opportunity to receive fair compensation for those patents, all at a reasonable cost to the end-user. The Members of the RFID Consortium are: 3M Innovative Properties Company, a subsidiary of 3M Company (MMM); Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI); LG Electronics; and Zebra Technologies Corporation (ZBRA). The UHF RFID standards referred to above are the standards announced by EPCglobal Inc. and ISO/IEC including the EPCglobal Generation 1 (Class 0, Class 0+ and Class 1) and Generation 2 (Class 1), and the ISO/IEC 18000-Part 6c (including Amendment 1) parameters for air interface communications at 860 MHz to 960 MHz for radio frequency identification and the communications and interface protocols and conformance specifications referred to in those documents.

For additional information about the RFID Consortium, please visit www.rfidlicensing.com.


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