Farm to Shelf Supply Chain Software

SALINAS, Calif., Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggrigator™ today announced the launch of its Farm to Shelf Marketplace for small farmers to sell direct to restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and other commercial buyers of fresh produce. Aggrigator's core marketplace technology is built on aggregating small local farmers so commercial buyers can get the volume and consistency of local supply of fruits and vegetables from a single source. This allows for the convenience of online ordering with the freshness of local produce.

"We are pleased to introduce the Aggrigator Marketplace as a place for small farmers to sell their produce and restaurants and schools to buy their produce from the convenience of online," said Doug Peterson, President of Aggrigator.  "The farmer profiles are shared on the Marketplace to connect the local farmers to buyers in their areas."

The Aggrigator Marketplace is a two-sided market with farmers listing their produce and commercial buyers ordering the produce from an easy to use web interface.  It utilizes unique technology that is able to facilitate the logistics, inventory control, and certified food safety processes to improve the operations of small food hubs. The Marketplace also enables spot orders, future orders and crop planning to help farmers and buyers better plan for the coming seasons.  

The launch of the Aggrigator Marketplace with ALBA Organics food hub will service over 50 schools, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, meal delivery services, and other commercial buyers of both conventional and organic produce in the Bay area.  This will bring a transformation to the buying and selling of fresh produce and the continued sustainability of the small farmer.    

Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for both the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline. We bring participants in so they are able to buy, sell, and fulfill transactions together to create viable economies of scale and create a fresh produce supply chain capable of servicing large demand markets. To learn more visit our website,[1]

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