#PROMAT - ADSI to Unveil New User-Configurable Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Solution


ADSI to exhibit new multi-carrier shipping software at Promat

Ship-IT 7.0 is designed for shippers who want to tailor their own system without relying as heavily on IT resources.

ADSI announced today the release of Ship-IT 7.0, its new, user-configurable multicarrier shipping software[1], designed for shippers who want to tailor their own system without relying as heavily on IT resources. The new software includes robust multi-carrier shipping software capabilities, along with an intuitive dashboard where users can create, modify and test their own business rules and documents. This release also includes optional modules for order management, cartonization and additional integrations with eBay, Amazon, and many other online marketplace platforms.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our newest software, which is designed in response to requests we’ve received from shippers who want to be more hands-on with configuring their shipping system themselves,” said Bob Fischer. “In the past, most companies relied on technical resources to put updates or changes in place. Now, users with basic computer skills can make the changes themselves.”

Ship-IT 7.0 offers the following capabilities:

Business Rule Engine
At the core of Ship-IT 7.0 is a new Business Rule Engine, designed to enable non-technical users to create their own shipment processing rules. “For example, a user can easily set up rules for freight markups, customer-specific carrier selections, or special packaging requirements on certain products,” said Fischer. “and they don’t take long to create. This lets our customers react quickly to dynamic business changes.”

Document Engine
Ship-IT 7.0 also offers an optional Document Engine, where users can select standard, carrier-compliant shipping labels, documents and emails, or create a branded version of their own. “We’ve made it much easier for users to create their own look and feel on all their communications,” said Fischer. “It’s a powerful way to build a relationship with customers.”

Cartonization Module
Ship-IT 7.0 also offers an optional Cartonization module that ensures orders are packed in the most optimal package size for lowest-cost shipping rates. “Carriers’ rising dimensional freight rates are making it tougher for shippers to protect their profit margins,” said Fischer. “Our solution analyzes orders and determines the best box size to pack items in to minimize void or dead space. The difference in costs can be huge.”

Expanded E-Commerce Marketplace Integrations
Ship-IT 7.0 can also be configured to automatically process Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders[2] and connect to many leading e-commerce platforms[3] such as eBay, Overstock, Magento, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, and many others. “We’ve removed the touches that many companies go through to process online orders,” said Fischer. “Our software can process online orders in seconds. It calculates accurate shipping costs, prints the documents and labels, captures the tracking details and uploads it to the e-commerce platform – all without manual intervention.”

Expanded Carrier Options
Ship-IT 7.0 offers ADSI’s largest selection of carriers that can be onboarded to date. “We continue to add U.S., Canada and other international carriers on a regular basis,” said Fischer. “With this release, we’ve made it easier than ever for users to bring on new carriers, whether they’re postal, small parcel, regional or international.” ADSI has developed close partnerships with many carriers with the goal of helping customers continue to enhance carrier management. Earlier this year, ADSI was recognized by FedEx as its Top Compatible Solutions Provider for 2017, a distinction that will yield even greater benefits to both companies’ customers.

Mobile-Ready Deployment
In addition to the above features, ADSI continues to expand its software on a growing line of mobile computers. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and becoming more pervasive in supply chain execution every day,” said Fischer. “We have architected our software so that it is deployable on wearable and mobile computers and printers, enabling workers to take technology with them wherever they’re needed most in the warehouse.”

About ADSI
ADSI is a recognized leader in the multi-carrier shipping software industry. The company released its first multi-carrier shipping software system in 1997 and has continued to expand its product line with many optional modules for receiving[4], e-commerce fulfillment[5], scan-based order packing[6], shipment consolidation, LTL and international shipping, delivery tracking, desktop shipping for offices, and more. ADSI is also a top national partner for many leading carriers such as the USPS, UPS and DHL, and received the FedEx Top Compatible Solutions Provider award for 2017. A longtime Premier Zebra Partner, the company sells, installs and services a complete line of dimensioning systems, Zebra mobile computers, scanners and printers.

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