VelociData – A World Leader in Heterogeneous and Stream Computing – Receives its 100th Patent

VelociData is an industry leader in stream computing applications including machine learning and artificial intelligence, searching, financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications, IT, logistics, defense, healthcare, and Big Science.

The VelociData technology incorporates intelligent implementation of stream processing and compute-intensive data processing operations on highly parallelized compute resources (such as FPGAs and GPUs) that leverage parallelism and pipelining to achieve extremely low latency and high throughput simultaneously.

As exemplified in the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of devices are connected and generating data constantly, demanding a cost-efficient low-power processing solution to manage these data without slowing them down. Stream processing techniques are increasingly recognized as the best approach to deal with the volumes and velocities pervasive in all big data problems, particularly large amounts of data that must be quickly processed. VelociData has substantial innovations in the use of co-processors for a wide variety of stream processing fundamentals including pipeline control, approximate and regular expression matching, classification, improvement of data quality, format transformation, analytics, etc.

In a recent analysis, ipCapital Group, a world-class IP strategy consulting firm, carefully reviewed the VelociData IP and found it ranked number 6 in a space dominated by giants that include Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Google, Qualcomm, Apple, and Broadcom, with a well-balanced portfolio across the landscape and with a future overwhelming set of over 100 new inventions in process. These new inventions provide additional broad and extensive coverage around compute hardware, stream processing, heterogeneous computing architecture and optimization, data processing, online algorithms, actions, and focus on ten wide-ranging markets. John Cronin, ipCapital Group Managing Director and Chairman said, Iin reviewing these results and personally spending days with the team extracting hundreds of ideas, I came to realize this is a hot space and VelociData’s future IP position will be moving quickly from number 6 to number 1. More importantly, their IP dominates AI/ML for in-stream hybrid computing.”

VelociData was formed in 2012 and delivers ultra-high performance cost-effective stream computing capabilities that enable real-time operational decisions for Global 500 organizations.

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