TAKE Supply Chain To Host Supply Chain Orchestration Webinar On February 15

As every organization is learning, executives need accurate, up-to-the-minute data to make the right decisions. Workers need accurate, real-time data to take the right actions. And, trading partners need access to the same data sets to deliver the right inventory to the right place at the right time. Delays in communication or disconnected data transmissions are not only disruptive; they are a direct hindrance to profitability.

Yet, research indicates that more than half of organizations are lacking the technology to directly connect every one of their business systems and every one of their suppliers in one place. The ERP is not designed to be a supply chain management solution, much less a supply chain orchestration engine. And many supply chain management platforms only address one business challenge in a piecemeal way. In other words, supply chain orchestration – and the technology required to deliver complete visibility, collaboration and precision execution – is often misunderstood.

“At the end of the day, every organization is trying to find a way to manage all of its supply chain transactions and trading partners in one place,” explained Brad Huff, executive vice president and general manager of TAKE Supply Chain. “However, executing a perfectly coordinated supply chain operation remains challenging. Existing ERP and business systems are often missing the one critical technology component required to connect every single stakeholder and automate every single workflow without significant IT resource requirements. That is precisely what we’re going to address in this webinar conversation.”

To attend this free live webinar, or to receive the recorded replay, register today.

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how to find and centrally apply a true Supply Chain Orchestration platform, without having to re-engineer any business processes. In turn, they’ll have the tools needed to quickly: 

  • Gain complete operational visibility, a goal that has been challenging to meet until now;
  • Set up a single portal for unencumbered supplier collaboration and easy supplier relationship management; and
  • Achieve a more efficient "manage by exception" environment through greater supply chain automation.

For more information about the OneSCM solution, visit http://www.onescm.com.

About TAKE Solutions & TAKE Supply Chain 
TAKE Solutions Ltd. [BSE: 532890 | NSE: TAKE] is a global business technology company that delivers world-class software and services for enterprises across diverse sectors to more than 400 customers worldwide. TAKE Solutions is headquartered in Chennai, India. For more information about TAKE Solutions, please visit http://www.takesolutions.com.

TAKE Supply Chain offers robust collaboration and data collection products and services that leverage existing and emerging technology to support the increasing challenges of expanding global supply chains. The OneSCM® and Gemini Series® product suites include distinct technology with embedded IP that deliver expanded supply collaboration, enterprise mobility, material tracking, and configurable workflow automation.

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