Got Glyphosate? Snack Company Uses QR Codes To Show No Glyphosate In Its Products

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of a $289 million verdict linking Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate to the plaintiff's cancer, ZEGO announced it is testing its snacks for glyphosate residue and posting the results for customers to see. Leading what will surely be a new trend in the clean food industry, ZEGO is the first company making glyphosate testing data publicly available.

')"> ZEGO's Z-Code System Uses Blockchain-Based Tracking to Show Glyphosate, Allergen and Gluten Test Results for Every Product.

ZEGO's patent-pending blockchain-based Z-CODE system allows even small companies to quickly respond to emerging consumer concerns. The company originally developed the system for transmitting batch-level allergen and gluten cross contact lab results to its customers. Now, periodic glyphosate testing has been added as well. Using a smart phone or tablet, anyone can scan the QR code on any ZEGO package to access the test results for that product, or view them on the company's website. Additionally, ZEGO is using glyphosate testing to verify its suppliers' organic and non-GMO certifications, which can be subject to fraud.

Glyphosate has been the subject of thousands of lawsuits and studies alleging correlation to cancer and celiac-like symptoms. This has prompted debates over how much exposure is safe. But the argument over safety thresholds is academic, ZEGO's CEO Colleen Kavanagh asserts, because consumers have no idea how much they are ingesting. Most food and beverage companies do not test for glyphosate, even though numerous studies have measured surprisingly high amounts of it in some packaged foods, even organic foods.

"Our Z-CODE system empowers our customers to make an informed choice over what they put in their bodies," said Kavanagh. "This isn't about personal preference--chemical, allergen or gluten exposure may have major health implications for them."

While the safety debate continues, ZEGO encourages other companies to follow its lead so consumers can control how much glyphosate they consume. Scott Elaine Wright-Case, co-founder of VMG, applauded ZEGO's action as,

"a bold move that brings cost-effective, blockchain-based verification to packaged food. This is exactly the kind of innovative transparency consumers and investors have been clamoring for in the clean food movement."

Test results released this month show no measurable amount of glyphosate in ZEGO's products.

ZEGO is a certified B Corp that makes fruit and seed "free from" snacks and is an industry leader in food supply safety and transparency.


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