Jif-Pak Selects Janam Rugged Mobile Computers to Improve Workflow Processes

Janam’s XT2 helps leading meat and poultry packaging company streamline operations and reduce costs

WOODBURY, New York – October 18, 2018 - Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, announced today that Jif-Pak, the global leader in meat and poultry nettings and casings, is using the XT2 rugged touch computer to track inventory across its 75,000 square foot facility in Vista, California.

Jif-Pak serves many of the largest meat and poultry product manufacturers around the world and has led research and development of netting innovations that are now industry standard in terms of quality and cost efficiency. To improve overall operations, Jif-Pak sought a rugged mobile computer that could enable better tracking of raw materials and finished goods from assembly to final delivery to customers.janam right facing


  • ·With a commitment to help its customers supply meat and poultry products that offer the most desirable color, flavor and appearance, Jif-Pak produces nettings and casings that provide unmatched results in the complex meat processing environment.
  • ·Jif-Pak was using Zebra Technologies’ MC9090 rugged mobile computer within its facility and sought the guidance of Technology Recovery Group (“TRG”) to transition to a newer, more compact and Android-based device.
  • ·After strenuously testing three devices from different rugged mobile computer vendors, Jif-Pak selected Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computer because of its compact form factor, ample screen size and superior rugged design. 
  • ·Jif-Pak worked with TRG to ensure Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computer could easily integrate with its existing ERP system to provide access to transactional data about the movement of products through the supply chain.
  • ·Transitioning to the Android operating system allowed Jif-Pak to easily develop new applications for printing tickets and employee time management.
  • ·As the industry’s toughest and lightest ultra-rugged touch computer, Janam’s XT2 provides business-class performance in a familiar smartphone-like form factor, resulting in Jif-Pak achieving immediate productivity gains and return on investment.

“Janam collaborates closely with partners like TRG to deliver rugged mobile computers that optimize supply chain processes. With Janam’s XT2, we were able to ensure Jif-Pak, along with other companies in the manufacturing industry, has the technology it needs to improve efficiency, maximize productivity and increase the bottom line.” - Harry B Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies

“It was a struggle to get our employees to use the previous equipment we had deployed, since it was bulky and not very intuitive. Janam’s XT2 changed all that. Jif-Pak employees have quickly adapted to the new device and are thrilled with its size and ease of use.”  - Skip Philip, IT Manager, Jif-Pak

“Janam is a leader in the rugged device space. We are proud to have partnered with them to bring Jif-Pak a solution that met their objectives and will ultimately maximize ROI.” - Dan Zirkle, Vice President of Sales, Technology Recovery Group (“TRG”)

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