3 Tips For Optimizing Mobile Bar Code Campaigns

mobile bar code campaignMobile barcodes - think 2D bar codes like QR codes, DataMatrix, SnapTag, Microsoft Tag - have been all the rage recently, for reasons ranging from functionality to aesthetics. Unlike 1D barcodes, the workhorses of industry, 2D bar codes are more accessible to consumers, especially with the explosion of smart phones and bar code reader apps.

And with this proliferation of 2D bar codes and readers, savvy marketers are looking for more ways to put them to work. Inspired by an article on the Marketing Profs website, it seemed worthwhile to put The Bar Code News spin on strategies for a successful mobile bar code campaign.

So here are three questions to ask when planning and preparing to launch a mobile bar code campaign.

What's the goal of your mobile bar code campaign?

Never embark on any marketing campaign without some clearly defined objectives. And there are so many web-based tools these days, it's not difficult to track the results of your campaign.

Set up analytics and find out what your response rates are. Use split-testing to compare the results of different offers.

Think of this data as the meat and potatoes of your marketing efforts. Once you have some baseline data from mobile campaigns, you're ready to start branching out and trying different things.

How will the consumer who scans the mobile bar code benefit?

Instead of looking at ways the mobile bar code fits into your marketing campaign, ask what your customer will get out of it.

Does the 2D bar code stand in for you while your business is closed, giving potential customers a source of information at all hours?

Is it the centerpiece of a unique offer that gives the recipient something of value and most importantly, a reason to return?

Need some ideas? Try these.

Run a contest. Link to a how-to video. Offer a special sale just for VIP's.

How can you make the customer experience as simple as possible?

To answer this question, you need to remember the most important part of the phrase "mobile bar code campaign." It's the word mobile.

Your customers are accessing information on a mobile device. That means the 2D bar code should redirect to a fast-loading mobile site.

Respect your visitors by not wasting their time and asking them to jump through a lot of hoops. Instead focus on the goal of the campaign and make that path easy to follow.

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